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  • installed Button cell battery

    Question: Is Installed button cell battery a HAZMAT controlled? up to how many quantity we can ship? what specific labels are needed on box? Asked by: ami mehta – ami.mehta@teradyne.com Answer 1: Couriers have battery shipping policies you can refer that should answer your question if shipping via Air.  If you plan to do this […]

  • International Hazardous/DG Shipping

    QUESTION: Does anyone have something (e.g. form, work instruction) used to help shipping/transportation with the International shipment of Hazardous/Dangerous Goods? This typically falls outside of Trade Controls and within Logistics/Supply Chain, as it is governed by IATA and IMDG rules, which the major carriers then follow – but we are small and low tech and […]


    QUESTION: My team will be shipping a couple hundred individual shipments of security tokens (VPN tokens) to our international employees… so 1 token per shipment in small padded packaging. The manufacture has indicated the token uses a manganese dioxide lithium battery with a trace amount of lithium.  The question is, does this still require the […]


    QUESTION: We recently imported shower gel and perfume and when the container arrived at the US port our trucking company alerted us that a hazardous material placard was on the container. They refused to pick up the container until a Dangerous Goods Notice (DGN) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) were provided. We were never […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have guidance/language that would go in a Bill of Lading (for both domestic and foreign) whereby the product is HazMat?  EPA specific language? ********** Answers: Hazmat are regulated by IMO, IATA  and DOT depending on mode of transportation. What you are referring to is Proper Shipping Name and is specific to each […]


    QUESTION: Concerning Hazmat General Awareness training, is there legal language in the hazmat regulations that stipulate any requirements for this type of training? I understand there are requirements for multi-modal (IATA, DOT, and IMDG) training, but have not been able to locate anything on “General Awareness” training. If yes, can you please specify the exact […]


    Question: Hoping someone can provide some guidance to the following questions regarding Hazmat / Dangerous Goods materials/shipping? 1)      I have heard in the past that any physical warehouse containing Hazmat/DG must have all of this material physically separated from the rest of the inventory.  Can anyone point to a regulation which addresses this? 2)      I […]


    Question: Recently we had a US export where the HazMat requirements for French groundtransport differed from that of US-DOT and IMDG. A placard change is legally required when is arrives in France. The placardscannot be affixed before arrival. The French importer insists that we the US exporter must ensure the French-required placards are affixed at […]