Questions and answers about Handcarries

  • Tools of trade – Hand carry

    Question: Can the membership please share their process or policy for employees traveling with company equipment (tools of trade or demo goods, not just laptops or phones)?  As we all know, hand carries can be quite difficult.  Engineers or sales staff don’t want to deal with the hassle of an ATA/carnet whether in/out of US […]

  • Hand Carried Goods into USA

    QUESTION: Is there a process for hand carried commercial goods importing into the US via land borders? Occasionally we have employees driving to the US for testing etc, and is easier for them to bring testing materials with them vs shipping. ========== Answers: Yes.  Request assistance from your broker as to how this is handled […]

  • Traveler declaring hand carry under traveler name

    QUESTION: When carrying company items can the traveler declare the items as the importer of record instead of under the company name and IOR #? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: Speaking for entry into the U.S., generally, the traveler cannot declare in his own name.  This is because the traveler doesn’t own it; their employer does.  So it […]


    QUESTION: How do other companies instruct their biz travelers with regard to hand carried, company issued laptops?   If they are just traveling with a company laptop, no other company items, are the biz travelers supposed to declare the laptop or do they just walk through claim they have nothing to declare? If they are biz […]


    QUESTION: Interested to learn from you how you handle hand carry of tools of trade articles.   Interested to understand how the ICPA community handles declaration of ToTs and any associated replacement items – valves, gaskets, pumps etc During the hand carry process do your travelers on the repair and install teams declare these officially or […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have any anonymous but real life experience with business travelers not declaring hand carry items and being discovered ?  What happened? =========== Answers: Yes, a business traveler hand carried a wall clock. It was to be used as a demo. Traveler went to Turkey. Traveler was detained at the airport by customs, […]

  • Hand-carry exemptions/process

    QUESTION: We frequently have items that employees wish to hand-carry. This can include laptops, hard-drives, USB ports, etc., that likely does not belong to the individual but to the company and are not part of a transaction. We require the employee to prepare an invoice and declare the item(s) to Customs at the destination airport […]


    QUESTION: Can anyone share how their company handles salesmen hand carrying product to trade shows or demonstrations? What kind of procedures do you have in place? What kind of documentation do you send along with them for a smooth process? ========== Answers: We use ATA Carnets, but it will require some training for your sales […]


    QUESTION: I have some complex HAND CARRY situations here. Please provide your advice and stories you may have with HAND CARRY situations.  Recently my employees are hand carry export controlled items overseas.  ECCN is 3A981 and Country Chart is CC1.  Been reading through the EAR regulations on Part 740 on License Exceptions. 740.2   Restrictions on all […]

  • Hand Carry Export

    QUESTION: We have a regular customer that we ship internationally to, (from the USA to Pakistan). We file the EEI and ship via a FF. The customer will be visiting us in the USA and will be picking up a shipment and hand carrying it back to Pakistan. We have not done this before and […]


    QUESTION: Do any of the members require the employee and/or manager make an acknowledgement regarding the personal risk and liability that comes along with an international handcarry shipment ? If so, would you be willing share such certification/acknowledgement language?   Of course, the company will do what is necessary to protect an employee but that […]


    QUESTION: We are sometimes asked to ship our products (outdoor recreation) to an individual at a hotel here in the U.S. instead of sending directly to our distributor abroad.   The person receiving the product then hand carries to final destination.   What is our requirement for documentation in these instances?  The commercial invoice is […]