Questions and answers about GSP

  • GSP FTA Requirements

    QUESTION: When claiming preferential Tariff for the GSP program, can the purchase order and payment for the goods be submitted to a subsidiary located in a non-beneficiary country? Products are produced and shipped directly from the beneficiary country to the USA. =========== Answers: GSP eligibility and payment for the goods are not related, you can […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Does anybody know status of the  GSP renewal? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: I read that there is a senate bill pending to extend GSP through December 31, 2026. Bill has not passed. ================================================================ OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements Add’l Answer: There is still a long way to go before […]


    GSP RENEWAL CSMS #44639601 – GUIDANCE: Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Eligibility under United States Trade Representative’s GSP 2020 Annual Review PURPOSE The purpose of this memorandum is to provide guidance to the Trade concerning the United States Trade Representative (USTR) Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) annual review findings, GSP eligibility updates, and effective dates. […]


    QUESTION: We are importing window blinds made in Cambodia.  The rate of duty in the Special column of the tariff schedule shows that it should be duty free since Cambodia is a GSP country.  However, when we filed entry, the software rejected our GSP claim. Does anyone know why?  Our buyer said he heard that […]

  • Changes on GSP for Thailand

    QUESTION: Is the list of HTS numbers or commodities that are going to be removed from GSP for Thailand available anywhere? ========== Answers: Look for Annex 2 (page 9) after clicking the link. ========== Here you go….. ========== ========== Link to USTR announcement on the suspensions: ========== Hello, Please see attached. […]


    QUESTION: Our company plan to import some products such as: luggage, backpacks, briefcases, sleeves from Myanmar and we would like to know if we can claim duty free under the GSP program? We reviewed the GSP notes, we cannot find this country under DBDC or LDC. We are wondering maybe we are looking at the […]

  • GSP – Myanmar

    QUESTION: My question is regarding GSP and a clarification on a statement in the GSP regulations. We are considering importing backpacks/bags from Myanmar (Burma). Burma is on the GSP beneficiary countries but Myanmar is not. My questions below: 1. As Burma no longer exists and the name of the country has become Myanmar please confirm […]


    QUESTION: Is anyone aware of the termination of India eligibility from GSP? Does it apply to all products imported from India? We are importing backpack which supposed to be duty free under the GSP. If India is terminate, which mean it will have to pay regular duty? Please help to give us some input on […]


    QUESTION: I am looking at the potential impact of GSP being rescinded for India. Not sure if my product is already ineligible due to it being an “import-sensitive article” U.S. CODE TITLE 19‐‐CUSTOMS DUTIES CHAPTER 12‐‐TRADE ACT OF 1974 Sec 2643 (b) (1) has a list of ineligible items that are called “import-sensitive articles”. How […]


    QUESTION: I have found product can be country of origin GSP country (IE: Thailand) in fact the imported raw material is melted and diecast (one transformation). The “labor only” for the melting of raw material, diecasting, buffing shapes and applying finish coating, and then putting into packaging (packaging material is imported to GSP country) to […]


    QUESTION: What documents do members require of their vendors to support GSP claims? It seems the document files are huge, particularly with over 1,200 SKUs. Should a “Form A’ still be requested, even though Customs requires much more detail? =========== Answer: We require a costed bom with country of origin showing how the item meets […]

  • GSP direct labor costs on only the GSP qualified “material” or ?

    QUESTION: I want to have someone in the membership identify if the labor mentioned here is on the material that is deemed originating in the GSP country (IE:  underwent double transformation) or if ONLY LABOR of (non-originating) imported material can indeed qualify for 35% or more applicable to GSP. Note the wording and commas can […]