Free Trade Zones


    QUESTION:  We have product from list 4A in our FTZ under privileged status as required by the sec 301 requirements, meaning that at the time of consumption we will be paying the 15% even if after February 14th . The exact language is for the lower duty rate is , “entered for consumption, or withdrawn […]

  • ADD goods exported from FTZ’s

    QUESTION: We have a product that is made from a direct material subject to ADD. The ADD is incredibly prohibitive to our business. Approximately 1/3 of all of our finished product that uses this direct material is subsequently exported. I’m aware that imports of ADD/CVD goods into an FTZ are entered under privileged foreign status […]

  • FTZ Manifest Discrepancy Reporting

    QUESTION: For direct delivery FTZ imports, what is the best practice and/or industry standard for reporting manifest discrepancies (overages and shortages) found upon receipt? When is a manifest discrepancy report appropriate, what should it look like, how should it be delivered and to whom? Is there a standard format? FTZ Manual 10.4(b) references CBP Directive […]

  • FTZ title transfers between IORs in the same zone

    QUESTION: Can title transfers from one IOR to another be completed within the same zone? What steps would one take to ensure inventory reconciliation, and what would be required for CBP if the goods are not leaving the zone (reporting)? Would it be considered a domestic move and not require an entry?  Or, if CBP […]

  • FTZ Admission/Arrival/Concurrence processes

    QUESTION: I would like clarification from the membership on the timing of the filing process when bringing goods into an FTZ.  I see 2 scenarios: Standard Admission Issue e214 and ePTT simultaneously CBP approves e214 Goods received by Operator who issues a receiving report Concurrence of the e214 if no receipt discrepancies Concurrence with quantity discrepancies  […]