Sec 301

  • USMCA and Exceptions for Chinese Companies doing business in Mexico

    Question: Does anyone have insight on whether Section 301 duties would apply to goods manufactured by Chinese companies who have set themselves up in Mexico and export to the US?  Would the US still apply Section 301 duties even if the COO was MX?   I’ve heard there is something along these lines being considered as […]

  • Reduce Section 301 duty for value of U.S. provided components?

    Question: We have a suppler in China that makes a product for us.  We provide a sizable amount of components of other countries’ origins, and this is an assist that we are including in our entered value.  The amount of our assist is actually larger than the supplier’s value add.  Yet we are paying Section […]

  • 19 CFR 120.21 Rules of Origin and Section 301 duties

    Question: I have an item made in China that has been subject to Section 301 duties.  U.S. Customs has just ruled it classified as 6307.90. Looking at 19 CFR 120.21 Rules of Origin for a textile good, it is not wholly obtained in a single country, so (c)(1) doesn’t apply.  It appears that (c)(2) applies, […]

  • Section 301 duties

    Question: Some of the items we import from China are subject to additional Section 301 duties (10% and 25%) because of the HS Code. Because of the high value of imports this will be a significant hit for the company, leadership suggested that we work with the supplier to reduce the purchase price by a […]

  • Return product country of origin China

    Question: Assuming you import goods into the US with country of origin China, some of which are then sold to clients in Mexico and Canada and then some of those products are shipped back to the US for a recycling program. Is there a way to avoid paying Section 301 duties for a second time […]

  • Historical Search of Section 301 by HTSUS?

    Question: I’ve been asked to research the history of a Section 301 exclusion. Is there a method to search the full history of an individual HTS relative to Section 301?    When it was first impacted, in this case List 2; then when it might have been excluded (and refundable), and finally when it is […]

  • SEC. 301 EXCLUSION FOR 5603.92.0090

    QUESTION: HTS code 5603.92.0090 was on the Section 301 exclusion list.  However on July 1, 2022 the HTS for nonwoven 5603.92.0090 was discontinued.  The new HTS is 5603.92.0095 and is no longer specifically called out on the Section 301 exclusion list so does this mean the exclusion is no longer valid.  Can I assume they […]


    QUESTION: There are no current exclusion remedies that I know of for an importer to request USTR to grant an exclusion for certain HTS codes (all of the exclusions have expired).  I welcome the membership’s confirmation of this or, the membership’s solution to request an exclusion for items that are only produced in China and […]

  • Section 301

    QUESTION: I have a broker telling me that for HTS code 3924.10.3000 the section 301 duty was 25%. If I look at the website I can see that the 99 attached to that HTS code is 99038815 which states 7.5%. Is it possible that at some point it was 25% and then changed to 7.5% […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a complete list of tariff numbers affected by Section 301 tariffs they could please share? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: This list can be found on the HTS under View “China Tariffs” %%%%%%%%%% You can check on an hts by hts basis on the USTR website How to Navigate the Section 301 Tariff Process […]

  • Drawback and refund on 301 duties

    QUESTION: My company is contemplating applying for drawback for the first time and am wondering if 301 duty payments as well as the MFN duty paid to CBP are eligible for drawback if the CN origin parts are re-exported? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: Section 301 and Col 1 duties are eligible for Duty Drawback.  That said, it […]


    QUESTION: Section 301 Exclusion Code applicability… Is this universally applied to products with the same regular HTS numbers? In other words, as long as each product is assigned with a same regular HTS made in China, is Section 301 HTS applied per the regular HTS numbers or are there other conditions that could hinder Section […]