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  • FTA – Excel Programmed Solution

    QUESTION: I put this out sometime last year and was inundated with “offers of assistance” from vendors. However, we only use NAFTA – and, within the next few years, most of our parts won’t qualify any more under it. That and we don’t want to budget tens of thousands of dollars for implementation plus another […]

  • CPTPP via drop-ship

    QUESTION: Japan company sells to us (US company) on terms of DAP Montreal. B/L shows ship to us (US Company) with consignment to a separate CA company address. We then sell to the Canadian company, DAP Montreal (“drop-ship” ); the CA company is the IOR in Canada. Goods physically move direct Japan to Canada, never […]

  • Free Trade Agreement Resource

    QUESTION: Does anyone in the membership have a 1-page matrix which lists FTA, GSP and LDC agreements country-by-country they could share?  Thanks! ========== Answers: Have you checked the archive before posting your question? =========== Side-by-Side Comparison of Free Trade Agreements and Selected Preferential Trade Legislation Programs, Non-Textiles Document Posting Date:  March 31, 2017 Last modified:  […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone in the membership have a 1-page matrix which lists FTA, GSP and LDC agreements country-by-country they could share? *************** Answers: It depends on the amount of information you want.  Go to this link: George Tuttle III Law Offices of George R. Tuttle, A.P.C. 1100 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 385 Larkspur, CA […]

  • US AU FTA “Accumulation”

    QUESTION: I am calculating qualification for the US Australia Free Trade Agreement.  I see that there’s a category for “accumulation” in 5.3.  However, despite seeing one example of it on the Australian government’s website, I still don’t understand how it works.  Seemingly, one can have sub-assemblies in an assembly that wouldn’t qualify, but, because they’re […]


    QUESTION: For the purpose of verifying the item qualify for GSP, if a portion of the material is from non-eligible country but goes through a tariff shift from the material HTS to the final goods HTS, does that qualify the non-eligible country material as eligible cost?And if so, do we still need to list all […]


    QUESTION: My question is about ANNEX 3 (Rules of Origin) in the US-Israel FTA. To be eligible for inclusion as domestic content under the Agreement, does the material used to produce a product have to wholly originate in the US, or can the material be made from imported raw materials, converted into a new material […]


    QUESTION: We have goods that will be exported from the US to Singapore and stay in Singapore in a bonded warehouse. If some of those goods are subsequently shipped to Korea, can the importer in Korea still claim duty-free status through KORUS? ********** Answers: If the seller is showing as a U.S. company and goods […]

  • CO – MX FTA

    QUESTION: We have product made in MX being exported to Colombia out of our DC in the U.S.. My question is can we still claim duty free entitlement under the CO/MX FTA considering that this is not a direct shipment between CO and MX? As I understand it most FTAs require a direct shipment between […]

  • Israeli Customs/Certificate of origin

    QUESTION: Wondering if anyone else in the membership has this dilemma. We are asked to provide two different documents for two different customers to avoid delays with Israeli customs. One customer is simple, a blanket certificate of origin is kept on file with their broker for all effected parts.  There are no issues with customs […]

  • Training on tariff shift rules

    QUESTION: Does anyone in the membership have a presentation that explains how to read tariff shifts to people that don’t have an understanding of the HTS? I want to be able to explain why a product does or does not qualify for an FTA. ******* Answers: The best way to explain this concept is with […]


    QUESTION: We are a manufacturer and FTA certify many of our products under either a tariff shift or regional value content methodology.  Many of the products we manufacture are configured by either the customer or out of necessity for the customer’s end use.  I want to blanket certify these configured products, but as you could […]