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  • Import Compliance Risk Assessment Template

    Question: We are looking to conduct an internal Import Compliance Risk Assessment (as is mentioned in CBP’s Focused Assessment Questionnaire).  Does anyone have a template they can share or direct me towards?  Thank you! Answer 1: We use this factor risk list… we created a spreadsheet with these factors, enter formula to measure and evaluate […]

  • Focus Assessment of an NRI

    QUESTION: I have been through 2 Focus Assessment (FA) at 2 IORs based in the USA. Today I am employed by a USA subsidiary where the parent company is based in London. The parent company has a CBP assigned number which is used for importing into the USA. The NRI purchases goods from a related […]


    QUESTION: Would anyone be willing to share any templates / matrix they have used to conduct their own company’s mock focused import audits / assessments.  I have been on the CBP website and even have been to a few trainings.  All I have found are pages and pages of manuals / explanations. As part of […]

  • Customs Audit UK

      Question:   I am not familiar with the way HMRC conducts audits, but would imagine it would be similar to CBP.  Whereas CBP would look at classification, valuation, recordkeeping etc…   I would say under an FA, CBP would pay visits to see if the importer was on track for improvement, etc…   So would […]

  • CBP Compliance

      Question:   What criteria is CBP reviewing for the 95% compliance requirement other than the following?  Is CBP concerned with MID, Related Party and complete entry packets?   HTS Duty Valuation   Also, what criteria is BIS concerned with for EAR99 products such as foodstuff other than AES filing for over $2,500 value?  


      Question:   Our understanding is that CBP focuses on formal entries to audit, those exceeding $2,000 of entered value.   What are the members experiences with CBSA, do they focus on higher valued entries to audit or do they also sample audit LVS (low value shipments, less than CAD1,600.) ?   =============


    Question: Is anyone in the membership who has gone through a CBP Focused Assessment inthe last year or so comment on any “warning signs” that might have led up tothe formal FA notification?  Our account manager has been very silent of late,and we have seen a marked increase in CF28’s for FTA claims.  We are […]

  • Focused Assessment Audit

    Question: Our company is presently going through a Focused Assessment Audit.  We are still in the Trace Through Process.  One of the areas CBP is looking at is GSP.  Files were pulled to re-audit and during this one file was incorrectly filed under GSP due to a systems error with the broker.  Has anyone had […]


    Question:I wanted to ask the membership if anyone had a presentation that they gave to CBP for their Focused Assessment? Customs is coming back after several years and performing a follow-up and is requesting a presentation be given while they are on-site. What did you include? How did you approach this? Can you give your […]


    Question: We’re prepping for a potential FA and want to do a word query in ourchart of accounts for our review prior to the FA.   We’d appreciate anyguidance from anyone who’s done this type of search in their own chart ofaccounts – is there a list of words or phrases out there that isconsidered standard […]