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    Question:   Can anybody tell me the kinds of fines, penalties, etc. (if any) that have been assessed to Importers (over the past couple of years) after the Loss or Revenue (LOR) phase of a Focused Assessment (Customs Audit) has been completed?  I know companies can be put on a Compliance Improvement Program (CIP) but […]

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    According to a recent article published in the Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (‘Weathering A US Customs Focused Assessment’): “Companies should treat this (an FA) audit like a multi-million dollar lawsuit, and allocate personnel resources and set priorities accordingly.” Although I agree with the underlining premise that FA’s must be taken seriously, I would find it impossible […]

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    I’m trying to assess the possibility of our company having a Focus Assessment. Between ISA & FA, I believe CBP has already cover about 250 importers. We had CAT done over 7 years ago. 3 years ago, had a follow-up audit from the origin CAT (classification and receipts) with good results. – We are not […]

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    In last 2006 (August) ACE Exchange , there was a question on ignoring courier shipments during a Focussed Assessment. Lou was going to check with CBP. Does anyone know the answer to this question. Thanks.

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    Treatment of Ultimate Consignee Transactions in a Focused Assessment. I have a question regarding the ultimate consignee (Sold to Party) when the importer of record is foreign due to the terms of sale (DDP). Do members keep records of the customs transaction when the sold to party is not the IOR? Is recordkeeping mandatory for […]

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    US Customs auditors have requested the Trial Balances for CY 06 that were used to prepare the Reconciliation filing, is this a normal request? These trail balances request info such as salaries, overtime, 401 k Salary, machinery depreciation, lsit continues…, these are this is very sensitive information. Would this request be normal?

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    We are wrapping up our FA audit with CBP, the findings are good, no improvement plans and no ACT. Has anyone received an offer after a good FA to be accepted into ISA without having to go thru the full ISA process?