Questions and answers about couriers

  • Entry Requirements for Low Value Food Shipments to Canada

    Question: We receive small low value shipments of food samples for photoshoots in Canada.  Most come from the US.  We are getting conflicting information from the couriers and broker.  One of the couriers states that shipments valued not over CAD 40 do not require an entry even if a food item.  The other courier and […]


    QUESTION: A courier company cleared an entry for an IOR that they do not have a POA on file. Do we as the importer have any “recourse?” As we know Courier Companies generally are not willing to make corrections to entries, including filing a correction to the IOR with CBP. We have requested the courier […]


    QUESTION: I have a question regarding US imports of pharmaceuticals (i.e. DP, DS samples, etc) using a large transportation company versus small premium couriers. I noticed that whenever the samples are imported via a large transportation company, the shipment can be stuck at customs for a few days/weeks due to pending FDA review. If the […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: We audit all our entries prior to submission to CBP in addition to an objective post-entry audit process.  All of this is a part of our audit due diligence for our CTPAT-Trade Compliance membership.  Currently we manage all imports in this manner including parcel imports – all are […]


    QUESTION: We are a NRI in Canada and regularly send low value shipments via Express Courier to our customers in Canada as DDP.  They doesn’t have our POA to act as our broker in Canada, so they only clear informal entries.  Question 1: For low value shipments sent DDP, is the courier acting as the […]


    QUESTION: For any companies who do paperless invoicing with express courier export shipments how do you maintain copies of the commercial invoices for record retention purposes? We have been told that we will need to print out a hard copy for our records. =========== Answers: I disagree on uncontrolled courier shipments under $2500 in value/per […]


    QUESTION: We have appointed Customs Brokers for imports into both Canada and the US for all modes of transportation. Occasionally,express couriers clear the shipments on our behalf, often because our vendors are not preparing the shipping waybills properly to instruct the couriers to turn documents over to our brokers. How do I get copies of […]


    QUESTION: When our foreign parent (mainly) uses an overnight shipper (“OS”) to send goods to us, OS uses its importer number to file – not ours. However, we cannot access our entry nor cannot find anyone at the OS to provide us with any classifications that OS has used and/or continues to use to clear […]

  • Multiple courier shipments and EEI

    QUESTION: We audited some export shipments recently and on several different days we found five to eight courier packages shipping from the same location to the same destination on the same day.   Upon further review, individually, the HS Code/value each package does not reach the $2,5000 threshold but when they are added up the HS […]


    QUESTION: We recently had an import shipment come in on DAP terms with a courier we do not have a POA with. The courier cleared the shipment under their IOR number and listed my employer as the “Ultimate Consignee.” The value was $77K. My question is, even though the courier cleared the shipment under their […]

  • Courier EEI/Import Value Mismatch

    QUESTION: Asking for a friend 😉 Wondering if anyone has a solution/workaround to loading export invoice data into a courier portal . Two situations are arising: 1. Rejection by the courier portal for EEI value exceeding the invoice value (many exporters have to be shipping EXW…why would this be a flaw) 2. Customs clearance issues […]


    QUESTION: How can I get courier to turn over imports into the US to our Customs Broker for informal/formal entries when I have sent a letter to them already? =========== Answers: You need to get on their Broker of Choice program. Talk to your account representative. Most couriers have a method for this, but you […]