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    Question: Does anyone have a list of countries that require the Certificate of Origin to be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce? I used to have a list for the limited countries, but don’t know where it is.  Joined a food & beverage company where they stamp all COOs and I know it is not […]

  • Berry Amendment and Country of Origin

    Question: We maintain USMCA status as well as Country of Origin US designation for our products that are produced at our US plants and sent to our IMMEX/maquiladora for cutting and packaging.   From a trade compliance standpoint, we have a high degree of confidence.  We are looking at qualifying those same goods for Berry Amendment […]

  • Non-preferential Origin Determination

    Question: I have newly transitioned out of a role with a broker/forwarder to a role with an importer/exporter. I am responsible for determining origin. In the US, what is being used to determine non-preferential origin? I am aware some use 19 CFR 102, but since that is specific to NAFTA/USMCA, can it still be used? […]

  • Country of Origin

    Question: I would love input on this question as I have been unable to find anything in the regs or online to answer it. If a 4’x4′ piece of lumber is imported into the US from a foreign country and is simply cut to a specific length with no other work/changes to that wood, does […]

  • Country of Origin Determination in FIORI/SAP

    Question: Hello ICPA I would like input on a scenario the GTC team has. We have two imported materials that have the identical classification when imported to the US. The materials are identical in form and function. What we do is mix these materials and place them in the same packaging. There is no substantial […]

  • Country of Origin

    Question: Does anyone know of any official rulings or publications from CBP that shipments originating from Hong Kong are now to be filed as Country of Export and Country of Origin (if made in) China? Answer 1: Honestly, hasn’t that always been the case?  HK is still recognized by CBP as a country upon itself. […]

  • Country of Origin

    Question: We have recently received an invoice from our German supplier, which indicates that the items originate from the EU. However, as the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union, I have some queries regarding the correct origin that should be stated on the invoice.  What is According to the current […]

  • Question on Substantial Transformation – Country of origin

    Question: This question has to do with whether a substantial transformation has taken place that will affect a change in the country of origin.  I have a Canada based organic pea protein product that is exported to the United States.   The exported product is in powder form when entering the United States.   This product is […]

  • Grower Origin Template

    Question: I’m working with a client who has undergone a number of free trade audits from foreign Customs in the Western Hemisphere.  Client grows their own product in the U.S. or Canada which is then used in their own manufacturing processes, as well as contracts with other growers.  I am looking for guidance from the […]

  • Origin of Used Oils

    Question: We regularly import and export oils used in food production.  We are now seeking to export used oils from our plants for recycling.  Our purchased oils are most often of US or Canadian origin.   When oil is used during the food production stages in the US, Canada, or Mexico, would the origin change from it’s […]

  • Non preferential rules of origin – S. Korea

    Question: Hello, Could anyone provide a link to regulations regarding non-preferential rules of origin for goods imported into S.Korea? I have reviewed the Foreign Trade Act and Korea Customs Service Q&A, and was unable to find the regulations. Thanks. Answer 1: I don’t have a link, but here is a guidance we received in the […]