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    Question: We have a Calibration and Alignment job in Mexicali, MX.  What will Mexican Customs require to cross the border? What would US Customs require from him when he returns? Answer 1: To The Inquirer: the best way to do a temporary entry into Mexico is to use a ATA Carnet. It will eliminate having […]

  • Duty refunds

    Question: How does your company handle duty refunds? Should accounting count is as revenue? Answer 1: This highly depends on the type of refund I believe. A refund due to a Protest/PSC/PEA probably should not be considered revenue, but rather offset duties paid originally.  Our organization posted refund like this to the same exact place […]

  • UNSPSC Number

    Question: I’m a trade compliance manager and lately, planners at my company have been asking me for UNSPSC numbers. I strongly feel that this is not a trade compliance responsibility.  Do you agree?  Who performs this function at your company? Answer 1: While this is not something trade compliance has had to do at my […]

  • Global Trade Compliance

    Question: I was wondering if any of the trade community creates an annual Global or Regional Trade Compliance Calendar and would be willing to share.  I just started at a new company and would like to create one for my department. I truly appreciate any help/guidance anyone is willing to offer. Answer 1: I believe […]

  • Continuing Education Requirements For Brokers

    Question: Best way for a licensed customs broker to obtain continuing education points, both for the pending requirement for the 2024 Triennial fee and then thereafter? (I am not currently working in a brokerage office, but working in the private sector in a compliance role.) Answer 1: The continuing education requirements apply to the 2024 […]

  • ANSWERS TO Question on Practical Work Experience Import/ Export Field

    QUESTION: Looking for advice from the membership about how to obtain work experience in the import/export industry and best method(s) to approach a potential career move. I’ve spent the last 5+ yrs. attaining the broker license, attending workshops & courses to learn/hone classification skills, NCBFAA CES, etc. Yet, when perusing job openings and calculating my […]


    QUESTION: I’m the trade compliance manager for a company that has several divisions operating as separate entities (own EIN/IOR). I only have ACE access to one entity/IOR. If I request access for the other companies, are there any concerns with violating the “customs business” reg or would most of the things I can do in […]


    QUESTION: As most companies we have multiple related sites under a common EIN, and a few other related sites under their own separate EIN#.  A situation came up regarding whether or not a US corporations’ Customs Compliance Manager (who has a LCB) can legally help a related party (under a separate EIN)for tasks such as […]

  • Classification Use and/or Principle Use

    Question: Can someone clarify classification and when to consider actual use and/or principal use. I am not comprehending this concept and wondering if some examples of a commodity could be provided or some presentation that will help me remember. *********** ANSWERS: The attached may help. Eo Nomine Tariff Classification13-1255.Opinion.7-30-2014.1 *********** Actual use is the exception […]


    Question: My company has recently opened a new DC in Miami. We intend to ship things from there to customers abroad. Our company headquarters are in Kansas and currently that is the address that we have on our commercial invoices. My question is, if it is shipped out of Miami, should the address on our […]


    Question: Does anyone have a list of what the required fields are for a  U.S. export Commercial Invoice?   Is weight per item a requirement? ========== There are no US export commercial invoice requirements.  The requirements would apply at destination from the customs agency in the destination country.   The US requirements would be to either […]


    Question: Is there an Informed Compliance Publication (ICP) or other documentation which identifies the differences between water resistant, water repellant and water proof ? I looked in the apparel terminology ICP and only water resistant is defined, thanks. ************ ANSWERS Yes there is. See attached.  apparel_coated ************ See HTS Chapter 62, Additional U.S. Notes #2. […]