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Questions and answers about CF28/CF29


    QUESTION: Are members seeing an increase in the number of CF 28s being issues by CBP ??? =========== Answers: Yes, I believe that CBP is issuing more CF-28’s than ever. This was forewarned by CBP as a part of their enforcement program and the use and activities of its Centers. This practice has been accelerated […]

  • Incorrect HTS Code CF28

    QUESTION: We had a shipment come in with what my team thought was an incorrect HTS code and submitted an update code to our Broker. Our broker filed a change request with customs which kicked off a CF28. Upon further review, the original code was correct (duties paid in full already). Customs is asking for […]


    QUESTION: We received a CF28 on an import where the item was mis-classified. Customs is asking for product information to verify the classification. How have other members approached this? Provide the literature and indicate where the item should be classified? Provide the literature and let Customs perform their own assessment and perhaps issue a CF29? […]


    QUESTION: I recently joined a new company and doing my initial review of items. Logging into the ACE portal I see several 28’s and 29s that are still showing open, some new and some going back to 2012. Has anyone ever dealt with this type of situation. How does customs handle 28s and 29s that […]

  • ACE – CF28 Requests

    QUESTION: We recently received two CF28 requests via our broker and then again several days later via snail mail. CF28’s were showing up in our ACE portal under the home tab and then under forms since 2011. Does anyone know if something changed and why the last two we received have not appeared in the […]


    QUESTION: We received a CF29 and responded along with a self disclosure for additional entries that we found with the same issue. A revised entry via a PEA would have not affected the duty free entry status. That means we would still not owe any duties. This was 2 years ago and never heard back […]


    QUESTION: Our company received a CF29 advising us to change our HTS code from 9028.90 to 8543.90 on a particular part from a Malaysian vendor.   We however feel that CBP was wrong in their assessment of this code, but have yet to formally protest the CF-29 and the 20 day window to respond as […]


    QUESTION: My company received a CF28 and CF29 because of a mistake made by our broker. A small amount of duty was owed and CBP informed me a bill would be forthcoming. A CF28 and CF29 were sent by CBP to both our broker and my company. However, six months later I have not seen […]

  • CF 28s IN ACE

    QUESTION:   Neither our broker or ourselves received a copy of a ’28 issued last month.   Happened to be in ACE where I saw the ’28   Given that this process looks to have been turned on (e-28s) is there any functionality available currently in ACE that would allow for a notification (eg. e-mail) […]


    QUESTION: On the CF28, box 16 & 16a, the document is requiring signature from a “corporate company official”.  In the past CF28’s have signed by the corporate customs director for related parties, relying on a POA from each of the related parties, but this is now understood to be in error.  So the question is […]

  • CF-28 AND PEA

    Question: I received a CF-28 for an entry that we filed a PEA on due to broker error.   Should I bring this up in my response? ========== Answers: I would really like to know more about what transpired and when.  For instance, did the PEA trigger the CF-28?  Was the CF-28 sent before the […]


    Question: I am in receipt of a CF-28 addressed to the Canadian Producer of a material for which we claimed NAFTA.   It is requesting information for the verification of their certificate of origin.   I audit each NAFTA we forward to our Broker and there is nothing about the NAFTA that raises a question […]