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  • Best Practices

    Question: We are a customs broker (CB) and a freight forwarder (FF), two different IRS numbers, both under the same corp. umbrella. Our power of attorney has the confidentiality (111.24) and invoice (111.36) waivers. We are reviewing best practices and have a question regarding internal invoicing.  Option 1: The FF creates the shipment uploads all […]

  • DDP/White Glove type service providers

    Question: We are looking to provide a unique (for us) service on a very limited, one-time product offering.  I may need to possibly engage with a forwarder/broker service provider to help us, if we can, clear customs and deliver direct to the foreign consumer.  This is for a limited scope of destination countries (which I […]

  • Import Brokerage in Japan

    Question: Looking for anyone that may have experience or insights into import brokerage into Japan. We export to our sister company in Japan from both Canada and the US.  One of our challenges is that they do not consistently using the same import broker for each shipment or customer.  It sounds like whichever company they […]

  • new broker requirements

    Question: How does the new broker requirements effective 12/19/22 work if a U.S. broker has an foreign agent in another country who refers a new foreign importer to the U.S. broker and wants the U.S. broker to clear cargo in the U.S. on behalf of the foreign importer?  Can the agent/freight forwarder be the go […]

  • Best Practice of DPL Screening of Forwarders

    QUESTION: Would be interested in hearing from the group on what their best practices are for screening forwarders on the export orders that are under EXW / FCA terms.  Do you screen all forwarders; regardless of incoterms? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: As a best practice, all parties to your transaction should be screened, regardless of the terms […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Our Trade Compliance department is looking to strengthen 3rd party oversight through implementing KPIs and monitoring procedures with our Customs Brokers and agents. Can the trade community provide any examples of what that may look like that can be incorporated within our current SOPs? ============ Answer: Here are some […]

  • ANSWERS TO Question on In house brokerage

    QUESTION: My company is looking into bringing brokerage in house. Before we do that, we would like to get some guidance/feedback from the membership on if other companies have brought brokerage in house? If yes, what were some of the advantages of doing this? What were some lessons learned? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS:I am assuming that by […]


    QUESTION: In regards to this proposed ruling 84 FR 40302, where Customs Brokers must verify their clients, is this an official requirement?  Our new broker is asking for our CEO’s government ID and want to make sure this is already a requirement before requesting this from our CEO.  I’d like to include the CFR citation […]

  • Customs Broker Regulation Revisions

    QUESTION: Does anyone in the organization have a “reader’s Digest” version of the proposed revisions to the Customs Broker Regulations (19 CFR Part 111)? From the marketing copy, it appears the following will be affected: •             Changing the licensing process and fees •             National permits and fees replacing district permits •             Revisions to responsible supervision […]

  • Broker Corrections

    QUESTION: We use a large courier for a broker for a large amount of small shipments. In turn, they ask that we submit an excel sheet with our products and corresponding HTS codes for the purpose of clearing shipments on our behalf under their IOR #. However, when I go to audit incoming records, I […]


    QUESTION: We would like to hear from the members on what the best way is to implement a new customs broker for North America. After an RFP, we have chosen a company and are ready to announce it to all our divisions, who were part of the discussions and meetings. We would like to enforce […]


    QUESTION: What important or key questions should I be asking my customs broker on our monthly update call? Any general and specific questions I should be asking? ========== Answers: # of shipments by mode, duty paid, duty saved, what information was missing (required broker to contact importer), any delays in clearance… I also ask mine […]