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  • Central America Export Support

    Question: My company currently has a number of big projects going to Central America in 2024. In total it is estimated to be roughly 500 containers and 100 crates.  We have had difficulty supporting our customers in these areas because of unfamiliarity with customs in these countries (specifically Guatemala). Often times our shipments are held […]

  • Broker EDI for Canada Customs Clearance

    Question: Today for our 1000s of US to Canada shipments and vice versa, our 3PLs print a copy of the proforma invoice and gives to the driver.  The driver adds the PARS and send documents to our broker.  Our internal instructions are for the warehouse to send us a copy of the proforma and BL […]

  • ACE Access

    Question: Does anyone have any idea as to what is involved in setting up EDI/VPN connectivity with CBP for ACE access? I am looking to start my own brokerage business (intention is to file entries via ACE among other services) however, I am not an IT person and clueless as to what the requirements listed […]

  • Buyers Consol

    Question: Hello – Curious to know how forwarders handle the shipper on the HBL / HAWB for a buyers consol.  It is routed of course – do you show the FPPI as the shipper/consignee or the buyer c/o consolidator.  Would like to know how others are handling this. Thanks! Answer 1: The FPPI is never […]

  • Global Customs Brokerage RFI

    Question: Hello – Is there a template for a global Customs Brokerage RFI (request for information)? Or something that can be shared during the RFQ process for freight/brokers? Thanks. Answer 1: You can find something like this in the ICPA Answer database.    I input “brokerage RFP” in the answer database search engine and about […]

  • Broker Compliance

    Question: I remember that U.S. customs brokers were required to keep a compliance rate of 93-97% (don’t remember the exact figure).   Was this an industry standard or a CBP requirement?  Does anyone recall what the correct compliance rate was/is supposed to be?  Is/are there any publication(s) that support this requirement? Answer 1: 3% error rate […]

  • Best Practices

    Question: We are a customs broker (CB) and a freight forwarder (FF), two different IRS numbers, both under the same corp. umbrella. Our power of attorney has the confidentiality (111.24) and invoice (111.36) waivers. We are reviewing best practices and have a question regarding internal invoicing.  Option 1: The FF creates the shipment uploads all […]

  • DDP/White Glove type service providers

    Question: We are looking to provide a unique (for us) service on a very limited, one-time product offering.  I may need to possibly engage with a forwarder/broker service provider to help us, if we can, clear customs and deliver direct to the foreign consumer.  This is for a limited scope of destination countries (which I […]

  • Import Brokerage in Japan

    Question: Looking for anyone that may have experience or insights into import brokerage into Japan. We export to our sister company in Japan from both Canada and the US.  One of our challenges is that they do not consistently using the same import broker for each shipment or customer.  It sounds like whichever company they […]

  • new broker requirements

    Question: How does the new broker requirements effective 12/19/22 work if a U.S. broker has an foreign agent in another country who refers a new foreign importer to the U.S. broker and wants the U.S. broker to clear cargo in the U.S. on behalf of the foreign importer?  Can the agent/freight forwarder be the go […]

  • Best Practice of DPL Screening of Forwarders

    QUESTION: Would be interested in hearing from the group on what their best practices are for screening forwarders on the export orders that are under EXW / FCA terms.  Do you screen all forwarders; regardless of incoterms? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: As a best practice, all parties to your transaction should be screened, regardless of the terms […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Our Trade Compliance department is looking to strengthen 3rd party oversight through implementing KPIs and monitoring procedures with our Customs Brokers and agents. Can the trade community provide any examples of what that may look like that can be incorporated within our current SOPs? ============ Answer: Here are some […]