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  • Entry Documents

    Question: We acquired a company in June and I have a way to get entry documents from 2020 to June of this year. I have the prior broker’s contact and list of entries. I am looking for a way to pull 2018 and 2019 entry documents. I  have a report in ACE of all entries […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a checklist of items/questions that should be asked  to a company that you are acquiring from a trade compliance perspective? My initial list includes: HTS classification information Internal/Broker Procedures Recordkeeping Broker information ACE Information Programs/Software used for compliance? Duty Drawback Export Customer information Supplier information GSP or FTA applicability *************** Answers: […]


    QUESTION: If company A acquires company B, and company B becomes a DBA of company A, how long does Customs/Regs – for both imports and exports – give company B to update its import and export filings? For example of an Import, if product left say China on November 15, and arrived in the USA […]


    Question: Our public company has recently been purchased by a private equity firm and as we get closer to finalizing the sale it has been brought to my attention that the bank is requesting our BOLs be consigned to them so that in the event our company defaults or decides to close our doors they […]

  • Acquisition Due Diligence Q&A 1

    Our company is looking at the possibility of acquiring a current supplier in China. I have been asked to conduct a Customs Due Diligence review to identify potential customs and trade exposures. Does anyone have check lists/templates/suggestions on how to make the process easier? How much of this should be done in-house vs. a consulting […]

  • Acquisition Due Diligence Q&A 2

    We just acquired a company in Texas with international offices. I am wanting to learn how other importers, with independent locations, have added them to your existing import compliance program. Did you have a third party Compliance Expert take the lead in setting up your program? If so I will need one in Texas.

  • Acquisition Due Diligence Q&A 3

    Our acquisition process leaves a lot to be desired. After the “due diligence” phase, and after the “close” phase, when the press announcement goes out, we are faced with trying to smoothly integrate the acquired company’s export customers and foreign suppliers into our international trade ops. How does your company do this? If you can […]