Admin Guide

How to work with the ICPA Website

  • Service Providers – Update Listing Page

    How to add a company and link to the Service Providers page. This should be done manually by editing the Service Providers page here: Using “Great Lakes Custom Law” as an example with link:, add this to Law Firms category. From the Service Providers edit page: Scroll down to the Law Firms section […]

  • Editing the Custom Broker’s License Exam Prep Page

    We want to add a new row with the following information: Company Name: GISTnetWebsite: staff@gitnet.comLocation: Online An entry like this should be added alphabetically based on Company name. Start by putting the cursor in the row before where you want to add a new row. Use the Table icon and insert row after You […]

  • Editing the In Memoriam Page

    Details on how to add a new entry to the In Memoriam Page: – The page to edit is here: – Names are heading h3 in bold– The date is below the name with a line break, also h3 but not bold– The description is normal paragraph text– You may need to make some spacing […]

  • Editing Member Benefits/Discounts

    Details on how to add a new company logo and offer: – The page is edited from here: – You need to put the cursor inside a row and use Edit table to add a row before or after, depending on where your cursor is – You need to add an inline image in […]

  • Google Analytics – Sponsor Click Tracking

    Google Analytics for ICPA tracks outbound clicks from the ICPA home page. That is, when a visitor is on the ICPA home page and they click a link that goes outside the site, it will be tracked. This is useful for tracking the number of times sponsor logos have been clicked. If you are logged […]

  • Export All Active Users

    From the WordPress Dashboard sidebar, go to All Export > Manage Exports: For the Active Users Export, click Run Export. Leave all options as is, click Confirm & Run Export. Wait for the export to be generated. Under Click to Download, click the XLS button.

  • Member Benefits Page – Editing

    Update the member benefits page by editing the following: You can see your changes here: offer_for_users shortcode – It’s important that the structure of the “offer_for_users” shortcode remains intact for this page to work properly. There needs to be an opening tag and a closing tag with the content in between, just like this: When […]

  • Cvent Instructions

    INSTRUCTIONS – How to Add an Additional Attendee-Booth Worker INSTRUCTIONS – How to Add Kidz Kamp Fees INSTRUCTIONS – How to Add Kidz Kamper(s) INSTRUCTIONS – How to Add Sponsorships INSTRUCTIONS – How to Add to Your Registrant Group INSTRUCTIONS – How to Modify Your Registration INSTRUCTIONS – How to Pay Your Invoice INSTRUCTIONS – […]

  • Outlook Email Client Setup

    These instructions for Office 2016 Outlook on Windows 7 1) Add a new account: File > Add Account 2) Enter email Address: 3) Use manual setup: Advanced Options > Let me set up my account manually 4) Choose IMAP: Advanced Setup > IMAP 5) Fill out settings: Incoming Server: Port: 143 Outgoing Server: […]

  • Thunderbird Email Client Setup

    This setup was performed on 11/27/17 using Windows 10 with Thunderbird 52.5. If you have a different Operating System or version of Thunderbird, your results may vary. 1. Navigate to the following URL: 2. Click on the Download button. 3. Click the Thunderbird setup file to install it. 4. Follow the setup wizard. Start by […]

  • Renew Membership / Email Cross-check

    The new membership renewal page requires an email cross-check in order to proceed to the payment process: Users that wish to renew must input their email in order to proceed. If the email is one recognized by the system (within the WordPress database) a success message will be displayed. If not the user will get an […]

  • Pay By Check Automation

    For users that pay by check, when a check is received for that user, instead of manually updating their profile, a “Click When Paid” button can be used to automate the whole process. To use this new feature, login to, then click Email Invoice to Check Registrations. Each user will have a “Paid Status” column. This […]