• Google Analytics – Sponsor Click Tracking

    Google Analytics for ICPA tracks outbound clicks from the ICPA home page. That is, when a visitor is on the ICPA home page and they click a link that goes outside the site, it will be tracked. This is useful for tracking the number of times sponsor logos have been clicked. If you are logged […]

  • Export All Active Users

    From the WordPress Dashboard sidebar, go to All Export > Manage Exports: For the Active Users Export, click Run Export. Leave all options as is, click Confirm & Run Export. Wait for the export to be generated. Under Click to Download, click the XLS button.

  • Member Benefits Page – Editing

    Update the member benefits page by editing the following: You can see your changes here: offer_for_users shortcode – It’s important that the structure of the “offer_for_users” shortcode remains intact for this page to work properly. There needs to be an opening tag and a closing tag with the content in between, just like this: When […]

  • Cvent Instructions

    INSTRUCTIONS – How to Add an Additional Attendee-Booth Worker INSTRUCTIONS – How to Add Kidz Kamp Fees INSTRUCTIONS – How to Add Kidz Kamper(s) INSTRUCTIONS – How to Add Sponsorships INSTRUCTIONS – How to Add to Your Registrant Group INSTRUCTIONS – How to Modify Your Registration INSTRUCTIONS – How to Pay Your Invoice INSTRUCTIONS – […]

  • Outlook Email Client Setup

    These instructions for Office 2016 Outlook on Windows 7 1) Add a new account: File > Add Account 2) Enter email Address: 3) Use manual setup: Advanced Options > Let me set up my account manually 4) Choose IMAP: Advanced Setup > IMAP 5) Fill out settings: Incoming Server: Port: 143 Outgoing Server: […]

  • Thunderbird Email Client Setup

    This setup was performed on 11/27/17 using Windows 10 with Thunderbird 52.5. If you have a different Operating System or version of Thunderbird, your results may vary. 1. Navigate to the following URL: 2. Click on the Download button. 3. Click the Thunderbird setup file to install it. 4. Follow the setup wizard. Start by […]

  • Renew Membership / Email Cross-check

    The new membership renewal page requires an email cross-check in order to proceed to the payment process: Users that wish to renew must input their email in order to proceed. If the email is one recognized by the system (within the WordPress database) a success message will be displayed. If not the user will get an […]

  • Pay By Check Automation

    For users that pay by check, when a check is received for that user, instead of manually updating their profile, a “Click When Paid” button can be used to automate the whole process. To use this new feature, login to, then click Email Invoice to Check Registrations. Each user will have a “Paid Status” column. This […]

  • Service Providers Upgrade

    The purpose of the Service Providers Upgrade is to improve the workflow for the “Associate – Business (USD $500)” membership level. Not only is more automation involved in handling this type of member, but the “Primary” user that pays for this membership level will be able to manage comp users associated with his account. Once […]

  • Jobs/Resumes Uploads and Moderation

    Jobs/Resumes Workflow A user navigates to the Post Jobs or Post Resumes web form and uploads a job or resume. The user receives a confirmation message that their post has been uploaded successfully but it is pending review and awaiting approval. An ICPA Administrator or Editor logs in (at least once a day, ideally) to […]

  • Link Management

    Links can be added, edited and deleted from the Links Manager. To access the Links Manager, login to the WordPress Dashboard and click “Links” on the left sidebar: Add a New Link Go to Links > Add New Delete a Link Go to the Link Manager, mouse over a link and click Delete. Manage Link […]

  • ICPA Payment Import Errors – How to Fix

    After receiving an email with the subject: ICPA Payment Import Errors. You’ll get one or more entries that look something like this: ERROR PROCESSING: Gregory Maddaleni –  Payment date: 11/04/2014 This is a result of an email address in the Payment Database not matching up to the WordPress Database. This is usually because a […]