Vendor Accountability

Vendor Accountability


    Question:   My company has a huge problem with Vendor’s putting the incorrect unit prices on their commercial invoices.  You see, all purchase orders are entered into a letter of credit which has an agreed upon FOB unit cost and somehow the vendor’s are putting the incorrect amounts.  What is the best way to ensure […]

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    At a local seminar, CBP representatives mentioned that customs was going to increase requests to verify eligibility under special trade programs such as GSP, NAFTA, AGOA… It was reported that customs would concentrate on textiles and wearing apparel. However, the efforts would include all commodities. Questions: What procedures do ICPA members have in place to […]

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    Would you ask the group if they might be willing to share any vendor management procedures, instructions, etc specifically on consistency in what is presented in banking docs and shipping docs being the same. We are still fighting with vendors to get better documents. Any help would be appreciated!!

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    We have had complaints from our US suppliers who supply and receive payment from our Canadian affiliate, that their checks have been held up by U.S. Customs for several weeks. These are checks either drafted and mailed or wire transferred via a bank. Has anyone else heard of U.S. Customs holding up moneys coming into […]

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    We are a distributor and I’m in the process of building our data base. I want to include ECCN, ITAR, HTS # and Country of Origin information. I want to send a manufacturers affidavit / Country of Origin form to our suppliers requesting this information. Some of them will have hundreds of part numbers. I […]

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    We have considered sourcing a product (gloves) as a direct import from China as importer of record. We currently purchase this type glove domestically. Our domestic vendor has told us that they have a patent license to sell this glove in the U.S. and if were to source directly from a manufacture in China we […]

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    My company is looking into begining to import non-perishable food products. As a broker I had some experience with food products, but it’s been years. I am looking to come up with an information sheet we can have our vendors complete with information on the food products for classification and compliance purposes – does anyone […]

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    I have developed a section on “foreign vendor communication” in our Import Compliance Manual. This section includes information to be communicated to our vendors in regards to coo marking requirements, commercial invoice requirements, copyright, trademark information, declaring proper value with commissions, discounts etc broken out on commercial invoice. You get the picture. Basically demonstrating our […]