• USMCA Origin Certificate Certifier, Exporter, Producer

    Question: Based on below, what could be the appropriate company to list as the certifier and the correct address to list? We are a US Company with production facilities in the US and Canada.  Employees at an administrative office in one state are responsible for the company’s imports and exports, along with free trade qualification, […]

  • USMCA Post Entry Claims

    Question: Our broker filed two entries for goods that were USMCA eligible, but without a USMCA claim.  Post Summary corrections were filed timely; however, the entries liquidated with no change.  We are now beyond the 1-year filing time frame from the date of entry.  Am I able to file a protest, since the initial PSC […]

  • USMCA Certs

    Question: Vendor responded with the following when we asked for a USMCA cert:  We appreciate your desire to collect USMCA certifications, however this certification is not mandatory by Customs and XXX chooses not to participate in this activity. Signed Export compliance manager of XXX company If we are audited by CBP or SAT, and cannot […]


    Question: If a Ch 39 product, manufactured in Mexico (COO = MX), which qualifies for USMCA under Section VII, Rule 1, (Chemical Reaction Rule) is subsequently imported directly into the US where it is milled on tandem rotor attrition mills*, does the product still qualify for USMCA under Section VII, Rule 1 or would qualification/disqualification […]


    Question: We have to do a Mexico USMCA verification of a 50 count Polypropylene (plastic) bows in a bag (bows are what you see as a consumer and purchase at Xmas time for placing on top of gifts).  We manufacture the extruded plastic ribbon here in our manufacturing facility in the USA. The ribbon is […]

  • USMCA Tariff Shift vs RVC

    Question: I have pharmaceuticals with the subheading: 3001.20.20-3003.90 A change of subheading 3001.20 through 3003.90 from any other subheading, including another subheading within that group. 30.04                                      A change to heading 30.04 from any other heading, except from […]

  • Country of Origin on USMCA Certification

    Question: There was a recent question submitted addressing Ruling NY N317669, where CBP confirmed that the origin for both marking purposes (under 19 CFR 102) and Section 301 is China, but the good qualifies for USMCA.  The answers provided to that question confirmed that the country of origin listed on the CBP Form 7501 would […]

  • USMCA Certification

    Question: My USA company is not the Exporter, Importer nor Producer.  We sell products to various buyers in the USA.  Recently a buyer was exporting to Mexico and asked us (seller) to provide country of origin for the products.  If I am not the exporter, importer nor producer (manufacturer), I am guessing I am the […]

  • USMCA Workshop

    Question: Has anyone held a USMCA workshop to cover how their company is handling USMCA requests (classification, BOM qualification, solicitation, supplier responses, certs issued to customers, etc)?” If so, can you share how you went about it, structure, number of days, etc? Answer 1: First step…before any  training or workshop you need a documented and […]

  • USMCA Distributor

    Question: For those that are solely a distributor of a product, how are you handling USMCA? Are you completing as an Importer, not at all, etc. Answer 1: We’re a distributor, purchasing products from unrelated manufacturers, and shipping internationally to our related parties in Canada and Mexico. We solicit certificates from the manufacturers. And then […]

  • Questions on USMCA Certificate of Origin

    Question: Three different types of transaction might occur on a company locates in Canada -1)import products from USA into Canada, for Canadian Customs, the company is importer; 2)also act as foreign importer of USA, meaning import products from Canada into USA, this company is importer for US Customs 3)the company transfers their inventory from Canada […]


    Question: In the case we have all goods made from a specific plant made in MX –can we create a certificate per location or should the certificate still be itemized to prove the USMCA applies. Answer 1: You can issue a blanket certificate or origin per export identification number/business entity. Caution, just because product is […]