• USMCA for Mexico Importer

    Question: Hello Members: If the imported articles are free of duty when imported into Mexico, what benefit does the USMCA serve?  The importer is not saving duty, but have a Mexican importer who requires a USMCA.  With or without a USMCA duty free products would be required to pay the Mexican VAT. So what benefit […]

  • USMCA Certificate timeframe

    Question: We are in the automotive industry and used to solicit FTA certificates from suppliers per calendar year. With USMCA’s implementation, we switched to 7/1 – 6/30 timeframe. Now that we know more about the rules of origin, we are finding that it may not be necessary to keep that timeframe and we could go […]

  • Filing 1520(d) Claims for USMCA

    Question: I am an importer and recently obtained USMCA status for items we have been importing over the years.  To get the paid duty back, is there a way to file a 1520(d) claim in the ACE portal or does it need to be filed in a customs broker’s entry system?  I’m looking to see […]

  • USMCA (Canada Tax & Mexico Tax for duty free goods)

    Question: I am the producer and manufacturer of medical devices. Therefore, I provide a USMCA certificate for importers into Canada and Mexico who wish to claim USMCA status. Our medical devices’ HTS for Canada and Mexico are duty-free. However, for Canada, the USMCA does not eliminate the tax (GSP). What, then, is the benefit of […]

  • USMCA Best Practices

    Question: I’m looking for guidance on “best practices” regarding USMCA.  We are a retailer reselling to our stores in Mexico. Would you issue a new USMCA as the “exporter” that combines all the producer certificates or just use each producers’ certificate?  Is there more or less liability in either case? USMCA says we should be […]

  • USMCA Rule of Origin not found

    Question: I am trying to qualify my product for USMCA. I am looking in General Note 11 (USMCA), subdivision (o) – ‘Change in tariff classification rules’. However, the HTS of my product is not listed there, so there is no rule of origin listed for my HTS. Does this mean that I only need to […]

  • USMCA HS Code For Mexico

    Question: Hi All, We have a customer in Mexico that would like their HS code changed on our USMCA document for next year.  The codes are extremely similar and there is no difference in tariffs or taxes between the two codes.  There can be justifications made regarding both codes, however, we have been using the […]

  • USMCA Origin Certificate Certifier, Exporter, Producer

    Question: Based on below, what could be the appropriate company to list as the certifier and the correct address to list? We are a US Company with production facilities in the US and Canada.  Employees at an administrative office in one state are responsible for the company’s imports and exports, along with free trade qualification, […]

  • USMCA Post Entry Claims

    Question: Our broker filed two entries for goods that were USMCA eligible, but without a USMCA claim.  Post Summary corrections were filed timely; however, the entries liquidated with no change.  We are now beyond the 1-year filing time frame from the date of entry.  Am I able to file a protest, since the initial PSC […]

  • USMCA Certs

    Question: Vendor responded with the following when we asked for a USMCA cert:  We appreciate your desire to collect USMCA certifications, however this certification is not mandatory by Customs and XXX chooses not to participate in this activity. Signed Export compliance manager of XXX company If we are audited by CBP or SAT, and cannot […]


    Question: If a Ch 39 product, manufactured in Mexico (COO = MX), which qualifies for USMCA under Section VII, Rule 1, (Chemical Reaction Rule) is subsequently imported directly into the US where it is milled on tandem rotor attrition mills*, does the product still qualify for USMCA under Section VII, Rule 1 or would qualification/disqualification […]


    Question: We have to do a Mexico USMCA verification of a 50 count Polypropylene (plastic) bows in a bag (bows are what you see as a consumer and purchase at Xmas time for placing on top of gifts).  We manufacture the extruded plastic ribbon here in our manufacturing facility in the USA. The ribbon is […]