Training / Compliance / Education

Training / Compliance / Education

  • New Compliance Position

    Question: I am unable to locate a Q&A concerning what needs to be done as the new GTC manager.  I joined a company with no GTC policies and I am looking for a 30 day, 60 day, 180 day plan. Answer 1: This process can become quite complicated if you are doing both import and […]

  • Infrastructure Act

    Question: Because of the Infrastructure Act, our company is receiving many requests for Buy America, Buy American, Prop 65 documentation for our products. Does anyone know the best way to train internally so that we are providing the proper documentation? Answer 1: This could get tricky depending upon if your company is the source manufacturer […]


    I want to ask this fabulous network how you talk about customs and compliance within your organization. Do you have ideas, thoughts, a pitch to share how you short and crisp inform people about customs and the importance of compliance, within you organization or suppliers, customers, board members? Answers: A good onboarding trade compliance awareness […]

  • Import Compliance Audit Questions

    QUESTION: I am looking to build a comprehensive Import Compliance Audit Questionnaire. The aim is to have a list of questions that audit every import compliance related topic. Does anyone have a questionnaire like this they can share with me or point me in the direction of one. ========== Answers: CBP has information on their […]


    QUESTION: I’ve been asked to give a comprehensive but high level presentation on trade compliance to our C-suite team.   ITAR is not relevant. Does anyone have a presentation like this that they love?   I’ve been looking through the ICPA database and have not (yet) found something made recently enough. =========== Answers: I recommend that you […]


    QUESTION: We have run into an issue with our Import Accounting team as they have very little experience in imports and yet, feel as if they know how trade should operate, how we should handle the relationship with our broker, etc..  We have provided trainings and explanations as to:  1) Why post entry corrections occur […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: As a Trade Compliance Professional for several years (15+) I’m thinking about getting either a Master’s Degree in Management or Supply Chain Management. I would like to hear back from others who have done this and how it’s helped advance their careers ? I can’t seem to find […]

  • Career path/growth in trade compliance

    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: I’ve been a trade compliance professional my whole career.  You top out at a certain point.  The only way to grow is to take on added responsibilities which I am happy to do.  I love trade compliance and want to stay in that area but I am looking […]


    Question: I have been hired to create a trade compliance program for a midsize import / export company.  To my surprise, there isn’t a centralized department nor does senior management understand the fundamentals. I am looking for a big statement of what trade compliance is……something along the lines of Trade compliance is the bridge between […]