• US tariff Rate of Duty ‘2’

    Question: Could someone advise what Column 2 in the RATES OF DUTY refers to and if applicable how the calculation is made?  In the following case a rate of 35% is stated: https://hts.usitc.gov/search?query=851762 Asked by: Adrian Creagh – acreagh@blackthorneit.com Answer 1: HTSUS General Note 3(b): Rate of Duty Column 2. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing […]

  • Question about free sources for international duty rates

    Question: Are there free sources out there where someone can look up duty rates into all WCO countries by HS code? Also, are there free sources which tell what documentation is required to import into various countries? Answer 1: Trade.gov Google “Netherlands Duty Import Requirements Trade.gov” Answer 2: Most governments have that info on a […]

  • Question on duty rates into other countries

    Question: Are there any public (free) online sources for looking up duty rates into other countries? Also, are there any public sources to determine documentation requirements to import into other countries? Answer 1: I have not found a reliable free source where you can see all countries. We use a subscription service provider and it […]

  • Brazil Ex-Tarifário duty savings program

    Question: Does anyone have experience with providing details to their customers/end users in Brazil so they may obtain the benefits of the Ex-Tarifário program in country? We are being asked to provide a proforma invoice with many details, including costs for CIF. (We do not sell CIF) If you have experience with this program, I […]

  • customs duties and other US taxes

    Question: We’ve been asked to present at a conference.  Topic: how Customs impacts different tax functions, specifically Sales and Use Tax, Property Tax, Credits and Bottle Deposits, Tax Incentives, State Income Tax, Federal Income Tax.  Looking for ideas!  Suggestions? Answer 1: Customs tariffs are a regessive tax which is why GATT and the WTO aims are […]