Question: I wanted to gauge some of the practices used by the association in regards to filing a PEA with customs.  Do most companies outline a specific dollar value required to file a PEA?  How do you determine the threshold? Secondly, when do companies file PEA’s not related to value?  Do any of you file […]

  • SILs Q&A 1

    In the port of LA, does Customs allow multiple entries to be addressed on a single SIL for like issues? Our broker is telling us that this port does not like to get SILs with multiple entries, but our cost is greatly increased by filing individual SILs.

  • SILs Q&A 2

    We were notified by our Customs broker that effective September 20th, 2007 US Customs will no longer accept SIL’s for entry amendments. We have always used SIL’s for making entry corrections. When researching the Customs website about the PEA program it is directing is back to the SIL form. Can someone in the trade community […]