Sec 232

  • Template for Requesting Mill Certifications from Suppliers

    Question: Hello Members – Does anyone have a sample letter template to suppliers they would be willing to share regarding requesting Mill Certifications for previously purchased aluminum and steel products listed in Annex XVII of the EU Regulation 2014/833 and/or subject to U.S. Section 232 (smelt and cast requirements) 19 CFR 360.101? Answer 1: The […]

  • Section 232 Exclusion Amounts Tallied by CBP

    Question: Need clarification on how section 232 KGS exclusion amounts are tallied by CBP please. The BIS approval letter on an exclusion is valid for one year from the date of signing. The exclusion is in effect until the total weight is imported, or until one year from the original approval date on the letter, […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone in the membership have any insight on the length of time that it is taking for BIS to approve section 232 exemption requests now? 2 of the 4 filed were approved almost immediately after the “objection window closed” period 2 of the 4 (same products) have been pending in this same  status […]

  • Sec 232 Steel Exclusion

    QUESTION: Can you still file a steel exclusion and if so, how far back can you go? *************** Answers: Yes, you can still file for steel and aluminum 232 exclusions.  If granted they are retroactive to the date the request was posted.  You need to go to the 232 Exclusion Portal to start the process:  […]


    QUESTION: Have any of the members applied for section 232 exemptions lately? Wondering what the average timeline is for approvals these days- in the beginning, it was well over one year…. ============ Answers: I apply for multiple Sect 232 exclusions and these days, the responses are coming much quicker:  30-45 days tops. Of course, results […]


    QUESTION: Can someone please explain how to file for the 232 exclusion in layman’s terms? ================================================================ Answers: I assume you mean a Section 232 steel or aluminum exclusion request.  The Commerce Dept website is . Go there and there is a button that says “Create New Exclusion Request.”  It sounds like you’re new to […]


    QUESTION: In between requesting a 232 exclusion and its being granted, in order to claim the 25% duties paid, one has to file a PSC.Our Laredo, TX broker claims there is a new procedure to do 232 PSCs. I don’t see anything other than in 2020. The broker claims that a letter and all documents […]

  • 232 exclusions and one year

    QUESTION: If a 232 exclusion is granted, is it valid one year from the date on the grant letter OR one year from the date that the application was submitted? ========== Answers: Valid 1 year from the date it was signed by BIS. =========== We were told it is retroactive for refunds back to the submitted date.  […]

  • Answers to Question on Section 232 Tariff

    QUESTION: We learned that the US – CIT recently declared Proclamation 9980 invalid as contrary to law and ordered liquidation without assessment of Sec. 232 tariff.  Do the members know what impact, if any, there would be related to this decision (for those of us who have paid and continue to pay 232 tariffs on […]