• Director Salary

    Question:Can anyone comment on the appropriate salary for a Director level trade compliance professional responsible for import, export control, AES, C-TPAT and drawback at a 1-2 Billion sized technology company?  I’ve reviewed the surveys but the information is quite general and notspecific to company size or scope of responsibilities.  Please state region (NE, SE, SW, […]

  • Salary Q&A 1

    I believe there was a study sent out a few months back that showed salary differences between a manager titled position and a supervisor title. My company was purchased by a very large corporation, and they wish to rename the positions; is it viewed as a demotion if one goes from a manager to a […]

  • Salary Q&A 2

    Question: I need to get a general idea what the salary range should be for someone with the following duties? 1. Manage export process and ensure compliance with US and forign laws and regulations. 2. Maintain and update the product/ technology control matrix, obtaining commodity jurisdiction and commodity classification determinations as necessary. 3. Implement record […]

  • Salary Q&A 3

    I am currently interviewing for a position with a firm in Singapore. I am wondering if the members know of an average salary range for a Compliance Manager so that I may have a better idea when negotiating salary. Housing expenses are not included in the salary.

  • Salary Q&A 4

    Can anyone in the membership direct me to a website or organization where I can get the average pay scale for positions within the Import/Compliance/Logistics industry? I have a review coming up in January and my boss and I have been debating over the pay scale for my position. I need some ammo to take […]

  • Salary Q&A 5

    Does any member have or know of a fairly current salary survey for trade compliance professionals. I haven’t seen one in a few years and need some ammo for next years budget. Any assistance would be appreciated.