Question: Good afternoon, Please offer direction for who or where the importer will need to submit the certificate for quota eligibility for government approval. Does the overseas exporter/country need to sign off or is this for a U.S. government to sign off for bottom, Certifying Authority  on the FSA-961? Answer 1: The exporter/country would need […]

  • Steel, Aluminum, and Glass Quotas in USMCA

    QUESTION: In Article 4-B.6, the USMCA requires that 70% of an auto’s steel and aluminum be of regional origin. And while note 101 specifies that the content is from “direct purchases, purchases through a services center, and purchases contracted through a supplier,” it doesn’t specify whether this is just for Chapters 72, 73, or 76 […]

  • Quota amount Proration

    QUESTION: Proration of quantities calculated for the 1st quarter if, Q1 is limited to 17,057,264.40 kg. How does Customs prorate the below example amount evenly for these three companies? Example below: all three companies total exceeded the Q1 limit. Company Amount imported Q 1 Q1 Limit/ 17,057,264.40 kg (Brazil) A 13,607,771.1 kg B 4,535,923.7 kg […]


    QUESTION: I am looking for statistics on Absolute quotas from Brazil that have been entered into the FTZ. How can I find a report that will show the total number of quantity “steel pipes” that have entered into the FTZ for 2018? ************** Answers: You can find quota information on CBP’s website at https://www.cbp.gov/trade/quota/bulletins , […]

  • Quota Q&A 1

    Has anyone heard of a safeguard petition being filed with CITA for Category 361 yet?(this would be for China)

  • Quota Q&A 2

    We purchase Chinese made wool jackets in the United States. We have a wholesale client in Canada that would like to buy some of these jackets for their retail stores. Because of Canadian quota / export license restrictions we cannot ship textile jackets of Chinese origin to Canada, and the volume is too low to […]

  • Quota Q&A 3

    A textile shipment from Singapore was rejected by U.S. Customs for a wrong quota category. The vendor is stating that the Singapore Government requires the entire shipment to be exported back to Singapore so that the Singapore government can then issue the quota the U.S. Gov requires! My colleagues and I have never heard of […]

  • Quota Q&A 4

    Can the membership comment on the end of EU Quota for apparel as of 1/1/08? All reports have indicated that quota will end. Brussels is the lone hold out and they do not have enough authority to bring quota back. What stance are you and your companies taking?

  • Quota Q&A 5

    We are planning to submit to CBP a Prior Disclosure of a classification error. The product is subject to quota, but was originally imported under a non-quota HTS. Does anyone in the membership have experience with CBP’s handling of these types of errors (i.e., admissibility issue)? Any advice for drafting the PD with respect to […]

  • Quota Q&A 6

    Does anyone have information regarding the China quota situation for next year, 2009? Is it going away or will we see anti-dumping implemented?