• POA

    QUESTION: Looking for guidance as we currently have an expired POA with our Broker and working to update the POA. However, we need to clear imported goods and the Broker currently has active POAs for several other entities. Wanting to ask what issues/risk we face by clearing under a different importer ID. %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: I […]

  • POA / Sub-POA between CHB and FF

    QUESTION: Can a freight forwarder issue a sub-POA to a Customs broker? Or, can a Customs broker issue a sub-POA to a freight forwarder? Assuming this is possible, is it as simple as adding a clause on the POA, or is there any regulation that enables this? =========== Answers: Your POA with the forwarder/broker would […]


    QUESTION: We received an email from a large courier service asking us for a POA so they can file an EEI via AES for a shipment from one of our facilities and one of our accounts.  To track spend we set up different accounts for each shipping location. We responded that they have a main […]


    QUESTION: What are the potential penalties for not having a valid export POA on file with a forwarder at the time of export from the US? ***************** Answers: Was there a signed SLI that provided the forwarder authorization to file the EEI? *************** As far as government penalties, the risk is much more for the […]


    QUESTION: Can members please advise any compliance risks they have encountered when using broker’s who issue sub-agent POA’s. I feel it is a great risk, as you forfeit “broker control” and lose the relationship which is very important to have with our Customs broker. I am requesting some feedback so we can put a policy […]


    QUESTION: My employer has various locations with separate EIN#’s throughout the United States due to acquisitions over the last 20 years. I have found some very old POA’s signed as a “Corporation” that do not have a date of revocation listed. I have searched for quite some time trying to find in the Regulations if […]


    QUESTION: What verbiage would the group recommend for a POA strictly used for customs consulting services.  I know ‘consulting’ is a widespread word that can encompass several services.  In this scenario, we would like to isolate the services from the standard customs broker services POA without a long and lengthy dialog. In your opinion, would […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a POA template for export/Freight Forwarding only without Customs clearance/brokerage clause? It should include AES/EEI and related export filing language. ========== Answer: There is a very basic one in FTR –  Appendix A to Part 30 ==========  


    QUESTION: Is a POA (standard NCBFAA format, not Form 5291) given to NVOCC who is not a customs broker valid for customs clearance purposes (which is done by NVOCC’s sub-contracted customs broker)? Can a NVOCC issue a sub-POA to their contracted customs broker?  According to 19 CFR 141.43(c) it appears that only a licensed customs […]

  • POA – Broker and Limited Liability

    QUESTION: Does anyone have any instances of their broker requiring a limited liability clause on services to be included in their POA? If so, do you know what the industry standard amount of the limitation would be? ********** Answers: According to FIATA and international chamber of commerce if you have not mentioned the value of […]


    QUESTION: I’m going through a review of all open POA’s with our Customs brokers. We do not have service contracts with our brokers, so I wanted to consider adding service expectations into our POA’s. Has anyone done this before or have any guidance? Is it a common practice to add compliance expectations into POA’s? ************ […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a letter format to revoke a POA from a broker.   I thought there used to be a Customs form for this but am unable to locate.   If anyone has a template or know of this form I would greatly appreciate it. ========== Answers: Previous question and answer in the […]