• Sample of petition for mitigation on Customs penalty

    QUESTION: Anyone have sample of letters to customs when in fact error was made for wrong port of export AES filing? ================================================================ Answers: CBP and Census do not want a VD for each error made in filing EEI.  Just go into the filing and correct it. ================================================================ These can be relatively simple to prepare, however, […]


    QUESTION: Could someone share experiences specifically with CBP FP&F Southern Border or anywhere else in the mitigation of penalties in instances in which SWPM is not infested but technically considered by CBP as unmarked (in this instance pallets were marked but ISPM marking were “blurred/smudged” probably due to excessive moisture). Penalty was for 100% of […]

  • Mitigation Q&A 1

    Has anyone had any experience with Customs mitigating interest amounts due when Customs has determined addtional duties are due?