• KORUS claim by non-resident IOR

    QUESTION: A legal entity in Mexico plans to purchase product from a manufacturer in S. Korea.  This product will be shipped directly from S. Korea to the US and meets the rules of origin of the KORUS free trade agreement.  The legal entity in Mexico will serve as a non-resident importer into the US and […]

  • KORUS determination – No ROO

    QUESTION: We have an item that is manufactured in the US of Foreign and US components.  There is not a specific rule of origin in the Annex. There was a CBP reference that indicated that the Rules are tied to the 2012 HTS code.  Does this mean that we need to pick the code from […]


    QUESTION: We have a Korean customer who has us ship product to their USA subsidiary and they export to their company in Korea. For these items of concern we are not the manufacturer or exporter/importer. Also, we do not want to disclose our supplier information as it is proprietary. For each of these shipments outlined […]