IOR-Importer of Record

IOR-Importer of Record

  • Benefits to a Foreign IOR becoming a US entity IOR

    QUESTION: I would like to know if there are benefits for a foreign company who is currently a FIOR to apply to become a US  IOR and having a US tax id number.  US Customs/ Entry team members/CEE has asked me to suggest this to my foreign company. I have been advised that there are […]

  • IOR question

    QUESTION: In the past we were told that IOR on Form 7501 is public information and Ultimate consignee is not. Can someone confirm if this is still available ? The goal is to keep the product we buy out of competitors eyes so they would not be able to see who the ultimate consignee is […]


    QUESTION: Customer A is requesting to take over ownership from Vendor B’s supplier and be the IOR. Vendor B needs to provide commercial invoice to supplier to make sure Customer A does not see pricing between Vendor B and their supplier. What parties should be listed on the Commercial Invoice? For instance do I need […]

  • Using Agents as IOR’s: Responsibilities and Recordkeeping

    QUESTION: We ship both owned and non-owned goods into foreign countries to warehouse locations or end-users. We are the EOR and we hire an agent to act as IOR since the warehouse doesn’t have an import license and the end-users do not want to act as IOR. In this situation, the agents use their own […]


    QUESTION: I would like to ask the community if there’s a best practice regarding visibility to your Importer of Record number.  Do you treat it as sensitive information and keep it confidential from the supplier/factories you import from.  For example, ISF form templates normally require IOR number for the importer, but should that be completed […]


    QUESTION: Can a foreign branch of a company act as the importer of record at destination, even if the foreign branch does not own or take delivery of the goods? The foreign goods will be shipped direct to the destination buyer. We wanted to ship DAP using the foreign branch as the IOR, for tax […]


    QUESTION: Company A in Australia Company B in US, related to Company A Company C in US, un-related to A & B Company D in US, un-related to A, B, and C Company C purchases item from Company B. Company D purchases item from company C. Item is located in Australia, Company C wants Company […]

  • Direct and Indirect POs and who should be IOR

    QUESTION: I have the following situations that I need assistance with Company A – US Company Company B – US Company Company C – UK Company Situation 1 Company A has a PO set up with Company C and will from time to time purchase from them directly and will cover transportation from the UK […]

  • Vendor Importer of Record Program

    QUESTION: Has any member heard of this Vendor Importer of Record Program? To me it seems like a hybrid of shipping methods; however, one of our vendors is introducing it as a First Sale for Export Rule (FSFE). We are currently entering into our own First Sale Program and working with a well-known and highly […]

  • Who can be IOR?

    QUESTION: We want to contract with a company whose overseas site will prepare and send patient trial kits to their US warehouse. The US warehouse will manage the US supply of these kits on our behalf. We have similar instances with other companies who act as IOR, which is preferred by us. On the first […]


    QUESTION: My company has two smaller wholly owned subsidiaries with their own IOR numbers that do a small amount of importing. Currently they handle all of their own HTS classification, valuation, record keeping, etc. The thought is to start importing all of this product in under the main corporate IOR Number for better import controls. […]


    QUESTION: Our company will be undergoing a merger and we will have our company and a dba with the same IRS#. How do we assign a suffix? Does the IRS assign this or do we assign and advise the IRS? =========== Answers: You assign the suffix. Why do you feel the need for a suffix, […]