IOR-Importer of Record

IOR-Importer of Record

  • IOR-Right to Make Entry

    Question: Recently there was an import where the invoice showed my company as the consignee. but sold to a USA vendor.  So I asked for a copy of PO.   The PO shows my company placing an order with a USA vendor (domestic transaction).  I am guessing the USA vendor did not have inventory so the […]

  • Becoming an IOR

    Question: Hi Membership! I have a client that is exploring becoming the IOR rather than paying for the service and I have a few questions regarding the process required to become an IOR. What are the steps to become an IOR? I have Customs Form 5106 and the Customs Bond Form 301, are these the […]

  • Shipper is Requesting Proof of Import

    Question: Hello. One of our factories has sent us the (IOR) a notice in Vietnamese from their Tax department requesting that we provide them with proof of import into the US; asking for the import declaration and supporting documents. Which I would think would be the 7501. I am somewhat hesitant to share the 7501 […]

  • Importer of Record

    Question: Buyer USA purchases goods from a Seller USA. Seller USA then supplies the goods ex-Mexico to the USA. At the time of import, Seller USA is the Importer of Record (IOR), but Buyer USA can also be the IOR due to their financial interest in the shipment.  Recently, the supply chain informed us that […]

  • Importer of Record for return to US

    Question: Our Canadian sister company would like to ship a a Japanese origin part back to a US vendor for repair.  The US vendor who shipped the Japanese origin part to Canada and that is to repair the part has requested the part be returned under DDP terms as they do not wish to be […]

  • IOR Number Consolidation

    Question: Hello ICPA Members: I work for a company where we have 1 IOR IRS number.  Recently my company purchased another company.  I am hearing that the 2 companies who import and use their own IRS numbers, will merge into 1 IOR IRS number. To make it easier for myself to differential who is importing, […]

  • Ultimate Consignee Responsibility when Express Carrier files as IOR

    Question: There are 2 Scenarios for this question. Q. What responsibility and liability does the Ultimate Consignee (and purchaser) have for information transmitted when entry was filed where the express carrier filed as Import of Record? Scenario 1 – the common carrier does not have a POA on file for the Ultimate Consignee (and purchaser), […]

  • Incorrect IOR

    Question: I started with a new company.  The company I work for has 2 entities (The Drug Company & The Medical Device Company).  Each entity has their own IRS number.  I have been informed that each entity has the same amount of imports, so figure 50/50.  However, after review of the entries I see that […]

  • New US entity set up. New IOR

    Question: We purchased a company and we need to set up a new IOR. Does anyone have any suggestions for next steps in the process as it relates to US Customs, customs brokers, freight forwarders, ACE, ACH etc? Answer 1: Your current customs brokers can be used but will need a new POA signed by […]

  • 3rd Party IOR/EOR Services

    Question: In recent conversations within my company about launching a new product in several countries where we do not have a tax ID/IOR/EORI number, one of the logistics personnel suggested using a 3rd party IOR/EOR service provider who claims to be able to act as the IOR on our behalf where we don’t have this […]