Questions and answers about IATA

  • Lithium Ion Battery Requirements

    Question:   I’m seeking the advise of the membership to see how others are handling the lithium ion battery requirements.   I have read that the labeling requirement is only for lithium ion batteries that are shipped to international locations.  I have also read that the batteries need to be labeled for domestic travel on […]

  • IATA Q&A 1

    Does anyone know if the regulations vary from country to country with respect to shipping magnetized products by air or do IATA regulations cover all countries and shipments whether international or domestic?

  • IATA Q&A 2

    We need to transport 1000+ employees from Massachusetts to Florida, roundtrip in May 2004. We’ll need to charter more than one airplane. Can someone have had any experience dealing with Charter Service providers? Can someone provide me a recommendation?

  • IATA Q&A 3

    ITAR Question – What are members currently using to support export license applications for DSP 5s, particularly is anyone willing to share specimen end user statements, letters of intent for export compliance, etc? Does anyone have any input concerning a requirement by DDTC to have such documents on customer letterhead? Thanks for your input.