• Binding Ruling

    Question: An importer prevailed in the USCIT for an HTS issue. Once imports resume, is a binding ruling needed or does the case result suffice as proof of proper classification, if requested by CBP? Answer 1: The case result is sufficient.  If there is a ruling which conflicts with the CIT ruling CBP will eventually […]

  • Importing Beds In Two Boxes

    Question: My company recently acquired a furniture company that imports beds in two boxes becauase of the size. Currently they are entering box A in as beds, but entering box B as parts. Box B starts with the guardrails in the list below. What are your thoughts about using two HTS codes for each box? […]

  • 2023 HTS in excel

    Question: I would like to ask the membership if you can share 2023 HTS in excel with duty rate what would be greatly apprciated it. Thank you Answer 1: You can download the entire schedule in Excel format, including duty, from the website. Address: Under the “Export” tab, enter the beginning and ending […]

  • oil sample kit

    Question: Hello, I was wondering if you all had some good insight on the HTS classification of an oil sample kit consisting of two sample bottles, a couple o-rings, possibly a replacement oil filter,  and return awb documentation. Basically, you would get a sample of engine oil and send the sample and used filter in […]

  • China and Vietnam export customs @ HTS

    Question: As an importer into various countries from suppliers in China and Vietnam, we of course classify our own products. Occasionally the suppliers want to put a different HTS on their invoice, claiming that Customs has instructed them to do so. I have some theories about what may be going on, but would like to […]

  • HTS & COO

    Question: This question is being resent because the link to answer it was not working. We need insight from the membership as we have an internal disagreement on a few products encapsulated in the U.S. and whether substantial transformation occurs for goods to now be of U.S. origin. We are aware of CBP rulings on […]

  • Vietnam Export HS on Invoices

    Question: Please note, this is a resend from this morning, the link to answer was not working, it has been fixed. I’m looking for advice and hope someone has dealt with this before. We have manufacturers in Vietnam and for their export invoices to our company, they list the HTS codes that we request for […]

  • HTS table question

    QUESTION: Is there a table somewhere that identifies what could be linked to an HTS #?  ADD/CVD, PGA’s, etc? ========== Answers: Yes there is a table.  It probably in the answer library.  I would also Google PGA or OGA and CBP Product Codes.  ========== The “REF-101” report in ACE show PGA codes by default, the […]

  • List of HTS for the taxable substances under the new Superfund Chemical Excise Tax

    QUESTION: Does anyone have a complete list of the HTS numbers associated with the list of taxable chemicals covered under the new Superfund Chemical Excise Taxes for imported products into the US? =========== Answer: Yes, attached is an unofficial list we have been using. ===========


    QUESTION: What are the benefits of having parity to the sixth-digit, subheading-level for HS classifications across various countries/geographies (e.g. US, CA, MX, EU, CN)? We recently received a classification ruling from CBSA for a product where even at the heading level doesn’t match up with how we classify this product globally. The new classification that […]

  • 2022 HTS UPDATES

    QUESTION: Have the official US HTS changes that are effective 1/1/2022 been announced?  If so, where can we find the latest information regarding anticipated HTS updates?  I have reviewed the recommendations and the WCO correlation tables, would the recommendation usually mirror the actual changes?  With so many changes planned, we want to prepare in advance […]

  • Dispute over HS codes

    QUESTION: We sell and export goods to inter-company/related parties globally. We have a situation where one of our inter-company parties in Brazil does not agree with the HS classification we use for one of our products. We will continue to use the HS code we believe (and have sufficient proof from US CBP) on our […]