• 2023 EU or France HTS Commodity Codes/Numbers

    Question: Hello Members: I am able to download the entire US HTS 2023 via USITC.Gov. Is there a way to do the same for say France or EU 2023 HTS?  I need to download the entire schedule, could someone please provide a link?  Thank you. Answer 1: Taric (EU Tariff Schedule) link:   […]

  • Global HTS

    Question: Hello Members: I am 3 months new to the company and find that this company had once a GTC dept/support from the parent company.  However, after 2 mergers, this business unit has not had a GTC department for say 12 years.   I have a global HTS issue.  I am familiar with HTS US classification […]

  • Production Line Move

    Question: We are moving our entire production line from the US to Mexico. is there an HS Code that we can use to move the entire line, rather than listing piece by piece? The line will be disassembled prior to export, placed on trucks and then reassembled upon arrival at the plant in MX Answer […]

  • Brazilian Customs HS Code

    Question: Does anyone have a link to Brazilian HS Codes?  Looking for Heading 3824 Answer 1:    Aglutinantes preparados para moldes ou para núcleos de fundição; produtos químicos e preparações das indústrias químicas ou das indústrias conexas (incluindo os constituídos por misturas de produtos naturais), não especificados nem compreendidos noutras posições. Answer 2: Their […]

  • HS Code Set Ups

    Question: Curious to know how others manage setting up HTS codes in their internal systems. I’m getting push back from my material master team, as they don’t want to add trade compliance into the already lengthy set up process.  They prefer me to provide a list with instructions that the person starting the material set […]

  • HTS/Unit of qty

    Question: Does anyone know the correct formula for customs reporting when figuring out fiber meters (FBM) for fiber optic cables?  The drawings provide the length of the cable usually in Meters or Inches and UM 50/125, or 62.5/125 etc.  Can it be calculated with just these numbers or is something else needed? Answer 1: Good […]

  • Binding Ruling

    Question: An importer prevailed in the USCIT for an HTS issue. Once imports resume, is a binding ruling needed or does the case result suffice as proof of proper classification, if requested by CBP? Answer 1: The case result is sufficient.  If there is a ruling which conflicts with the CIT ruling CBP will eventually […]

  • Importing Beds In Two Boxes

    Question: My company recently acquired a furniture company that imports beds in two boxes becauase of the size. Currently they are entering box A in as beds, but entering box B as parts. Box B starts with the guardrails in the list below. What are your thoughts about using two HTS codes for each box? […]

  • 2023 HTS in excel

    Question: I would like to ask the membership if you can share 2023 HTS in excel with duty rate what would be greatly apprciated it. Thank you Answer 1: You can download the entire schedule in Excel format, including duty, from the website. Address: Under the “Export” tab, enter the beginning and ending […]

  • oil sample kit

    Question: Hello, I was wondering if you all had some good insight on the HTS classification of an oil sample kit consisting of two sample bottles, a couple o-rings, possibly a replacement oil filter,  and return awb documentation. Basically, you would get a sample of engine oil and send the sample and used filter in […]

  • China and Vietnam export customs @ HTS

    Question: As an importer into various countries from suppliers in China and Vietnam, we of course classify our own products. Occasionally the suppliers want to put a different HTS on their invoice, claiming that Customs has instructed them to do so. I have some theories about what may be going on, but would like to […]

  • HTS & COO

    Question: This question is being resent because the link to answer it was not working. We need insight from the membership as we have an internal disagreement on a few products encapsulated in the U.S. and whether substantial transformation occurs for goods to now be of U.S. origin. We are aware of CBP rulings on […]