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  • Sourcing From Vietnam for Government Contracts

    Question: I am retired now, but trying to help a good friend with a question he has.  Curious if anyone has a solution for sourcing from Vietnam when trying to sell to the U.S. Government?  Everything I have come across, short of doing a late point transformation in the U.S. shows that a product manufactured […]


    Question: We have received a request to sign a certificate of compliance that indicates we are in full compliance with the FAR & DFAR clauses, which are sighted on the form.  In order to properly address this issue, I will have to know and communicate internally what this is and why the request has been […]

  • Direct Govt Contracts

      Question: My company, a medical device manufacturer, is currently in the Discovery stage of a project regarding entering into a direct Government Contract. I understand that to enter into a Government contract my company must comply with the requirements of the General Services Admin., Trade American Act, and the Federal Supply Schedules. Would others […]

  • Govt Mandate Ethics & Compliance Programs in Supply Chain

    Question:We received the below excerpt in a communication from a provider / consultant.  Are any members of the group familiar with the below?  If so, who within your organization is leading this? Far-reaching changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (the rules that govern all companies doing any business with any federal agency, civilian or defense) […]

  • Government Procurement Q&A 1

    Our customer is asking us to indicate TAA compliance to the product or provide TAA Compliance certificate for the products they are buying from us. From what I read, Congress passed the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) in 1979 to open federal government procurement opportunities……. The federal government can buy “end products” of these “designated countries” […]