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  • Screening Forwarders in a Routed Transaction

    QUESTION: As the USPPI, should we be screening the freight forwarders acting as authorized agents for the FPPI in a routed transaction?  The forwarder was selected by the FPPI and authorized by the FPPI to manage shipping and file EEI.  We provide the data elements necessary to file EEI but are currently only screening against […]


    Question: What are the legal citations and the requirements for freight forwarders to do with routed transactions?  Is the forwarder legally required to give the ITN to the USPPI, or are the legally required to do something else?  Can you please provide the relevant law in 15 CFR 30 and the explanation? ************ ANSWERS: […]

  • Quoting/Booking pre-shipment practices – Freight

      Question:   Would the members be willing to share your practices for quoting and booking shipments in respect to how you manage the freight rate quote and charges to your customer?   We quote and book shipments in advance of their depart date for various businesses where we are  fairly confident (we know the […]

  • Fregit Forwarder’s Contract Language

    Question:   I have been asked to help write the language for a freight forwarder’s contract, that includes compliance responsibilities.  If someone has done this and can share with me the section of their contract that covers compliance I would greatly appreciate it.


    Question:                                                         I have a question about steamship routes being listed in light of all the piracy going on.  Wouldn’t having this information openly listed give pirates an added tool to target specific ships rather than just attacking what ever random ship sails in front of them?


    Question: Do other members have this problem?  We often have our vendors shippurchases to us using our shipping account number.  The shipper puts avalue in the Declared Value Box.  We then get charged by the freightcompany for insurance.  I want to stop that option, and not accept addedinsurance for that account.  The freight forwarders say […]


    I am looking for guidance in the following scenario to be able to determine if is possible from a regulatory perspective to ship merchandise from the U.S. to Hawaii via Canada. Proposed Scenario: 1. Merchandise (U.S. origin or otherwise) moves via truck from the western U.S. to Vancouver, Canada 2. Shipment is placed in bond […]

  • Freight Routing Q&A 1

    Our company is looking to save costs and is requesting that I route all full container loads for exports. Our company has contracts with the steamship line, however, our freight forwarder normally handles the booking to filing the SED with AES. I’m not sure how to proceed or where to start. If anyone does their […]

  • Freight Routing Q&A 2

    We’re investigating the possibility of creating a distribution-only hub to serve the Asia Pacific region. Any recommendations on which countries should be considered? Why?

  • Freight Routing Q&A 4

    Can anyone share their experience taking the freight forwarding function in-house? I don’t see too many hurdles on the ocean side, but on the air side in dealings with airlines, CASS payments etc, are there barriers to entry that cause the membership to see 3PLs as value added?

  • Freight Routing Q&A 5

    Who is responsible for setting container temps when we use reefers for “protect from freeze product”? I’ve heard the container line is the one to set the temp, and it is neither the trucker nor loading location responsibility??? We just had a recent shipment where 46 drums were frozen because the temp control was not […]