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    Question: Do any of the members have experience with CBP’s ITRAC reports? If so, whatis your opinion of the data as far as accuracy, and thoroughness? Also, doyou feel the reports are worth the cost?


    Question:We requested our 2009 export data and recently received the file from Census.  We received two files titled “agent filed routed” and “non- routed”.  The non-routed file contains all of the information in the EEI filing but the routed file only contains the data elements described in 30.3 (e)(1)(i) through (xii).  I called the Census […]


    Question: Has anyone submitted a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request for information related to the Importer Security Filing?   We have obtained reports from our authorized filer for ISF regarding ISF details and have no problems there, but have concerns that there may be unauthorized filers submitting ISF’s under our EIN and need to obtain […]


    Question: Has anyone in the membership requested a CD of documents from Census?How is this done?  Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we should be able to receive a years worth of documents for free, but we have not been able to find how to make this request. For anyone who has made this […]

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    Question:My boss posed a question to me today. He is looking to find out if we can get information on how much a competitor is shipping to Mexico across the border. Eg. Volume of shipments. My gut is to say I don’t think we would be privy to that information but with all the legal […]