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    Question: In an Import situation… Can a US FMC licensed FF/NVOCC make profit on freight when the HBL being used belongs to the agent overseas? Answer 1: The US agent would typically get a ‘profit share’ from the agent overseas.  Often if there is no profit share the US FF will charge you a hand […]


    Question:For those of you with transportation management involvement in your company, I want to hear what your company’s best practice is. We are not a manufacturer.  We resell a variety of computer hardware for data storage, networking, POS, telecommunications, etc.  Our shipments are typically drop-shipped to our customers from MANY vendor locations with a somewhat […]


    Question: Our foreign manufacturer is a related company that sells to us at a transfer price. We are using transaction value as the basis for appraisement. Our terms of sale have been FOB port of loading so we never had to manage freight deductions as part of the import declaration.   In an effort to […]

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    We recently were notified by one of our freight forwarders that they are implementing a fee for both inbound and outbound shipments because they are C-TPAT and TAPA certified. The fee is for the costs of security enhancements, etc. Has anyone else received such a notice and has this now become an industry standard?

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    I know the freight carriers have very limited liability when it comes to cargo losses. Can anyone tell me what the limits are? $50/carton for air freight???, Law of General Averages for ocean??? Trucks???