Forced Labor

  • UFLPA Forced Labor Detention Documentation Response

    Question: As the UFLPA/forced labor issue is a new regulation and many importers importing from China have many questions and concerns should there shipment(s) be detained by CBP, I’ve be tasked to create a “mock detention response documentation packet” to provide to potential suppliers that clearly explains our requirements of them. We plan to incorporate […]


    Question: Does anyone know the potential fines and penalties that can be assessed against an importer found to be out of compliance with the UFLPA requirements?  I am putting together a training presentation about UFLPA and want to show a slide with potential ramifications and impacts of non-compliance. Has anyone heard of any real life […]

  • Sime Darby, WRO Palm Oil

    Question: We have up to 40 containers in storage due to goods produced with Sime Darby palm oil.  (How?  Good question, considering the WRO went into effect in 2020!!)  We were advised there was a decision to store goods in the US pending entry because there was “hope” Sime Darby would fall off the WRO […]

  • XUAR Forced Labor

    QUESTION: Now that it has been a month since the presumption that goods from XUAR are made with forced labor has been in place, has the membership been seeing WROs imposed on their goods? If you have, what type of goods have been stopped? And where was the immediate supplier from? Particularly interested if anyone […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a certification “form“ or template that a Chinese supplier could fill out indicating that they are not using forced labor in their supply chain and manufacturing process?  We do not import any of the items that CBP has identified as “probable” for forced labor and , we have received verbal confirmation […]