Forced Labor

  • Bill S-211 Forced Labour Canadian reporting requirements

    Question: We are a US company registered as a NRI in Canada and trying to determine if we need to report.  Based on the reporting requirements it states the following below.  Does it apply only to assets in Canada and revenue for sales into Canada or do we have to look into our global revenue […]

  • UFLPA merchandise recall

    Question: We received containers of material that were released by CBP more than two weeks ago.  Much of this material was on backorder and was immediately shipped out of our inventory.  This morning, we were notified by CBP that we were being ordered to return the material due to suspected UFLPA content.  We have little […]

  • Forced Labor / Sanctions Contract Provisions

    Question: I recall that some entity published model forced labor & sanctions language for use in contracts, but could not recall who published them.  Do any of you have standard boilerplate language to include in contracts for either (e.g. [party] warrants and agrees that it shall not employ the services of any entity on any […]

  • UFLPA Due Dilligence

    Question: We are a long time CTPAT participant and our vendor is also a long time CTPAT participant.  Our business partner screening process requests vendors to confirm compliance with UFLPA, and we have written confirmation from all of our vendors that they do not use forced labor in their supply chain.  However, this particular vendor […]


    Question: Is anyone willing to share their procedures for UFLPA compliance?  How you respond to requests from customers, do you solicit your Chinese suppliers? Asked by: David Thomas – Answer 1: We’re still feeling our way through this.  But one thing we’ve done is ask our suppliers to document their supply chains all the […]

  • Forced labor tracing recommendations

    Question: I am looking for recommendations from the group for a Forced/Child labor and hopefully, other risks management and supply chain mapping solution. I really want to receive recommendations from members that are using the specific solutions.  Asked by: – Answer 1: I would suggest looking into the BITE platform. You can look at […]

  • Forced Labor

    Question: Does anyone know of a import license or exception for bringing in goods that are produced by forced labor for R&D purposes? Answer 1: No such thing exists and I would not want to knowingly import something into the U.S. that I know was produced in whole or in part with forced labor. Answered […]

  • forced Labor

    Question: Hello members, Concerning the forced labor in China, how to avoid the risk that our goods are detained by U.S. Customs, in case we check the postal code of the shipper / manufacturer and everything, but the company has other sites that are not known to us, would we be responsible? How to do […]

  • Forced Labor

    Question: Deep, thorough supply chain knowledge is required to adequately attest for Forced Labor accuracy. How are companies managing this internally since external providers can only review the last-touch supply leading into import. If attestations are not sufficient from suppliers, how can companies manage? Answer 1: You are right, that suppliers are used to only […]

  • Language used to notify suppliers of the UFLPA

    Question: Can the ICPA membership advise what language is used to notify suppliers of the UFLPA given China blocking laws? Are importers explicitly referencing UFLPA in their requests for Affidavits and are suppliers responding? Answer 1: We have been using a version that does not specifically mention UFLPA. Our clause reads: Seller represents and warrants […]

  • UFLPA Entity List

    Question: Where can one find the most up-to-date UFLPA Entity List?  The most recent and complete I could find is at, but it’s already 9 months old. Answer 1: The last update that I am aware of is in August of 2022 They will update it when they are ready.  The website list […]

  • Withhold Release under UFLPA

    Question: When CBP detains a shipment with a WRO under the UFLPA:  If multiple containers and the suspect items are all in one container, may the remaining containers be released?   If we decide to export, may we export the one container?  If a container has both suspect items and non-suspect items, may we separate them […]