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  • Duty rate effective date

    QUESTION: Can somebody confirm which day is the duty rate effective date when you get a shipment released before the port arrival? ========= Addl Answers: The effective date for duties is the date the goods left the territory of the exporting country destined for the U.S. Arrival date in the U.S. and release date are […]

  • Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum

    QUESTION: From Mar 23 – Apr 30, a number of countries are excepted from the section 232 duties on aluminum and steel, but beginning May 1, it looks like all these exceptions go away.  Is this correct?  Are we missing something?  Seems strange to have such a short window of time for these country exceptions. […]


    Question: I am new to this function, so bear with me on a basic question. Are duties computed by country of production or country of origin as stated on the bill of lading? Or are both used in the calculation? *********** Answers: It may be………….depends on the country importing from.     Look at your HTSUSA,    there […]


      QUESTION:   Just wasted half an hour trying to find duty rates for South Africa. The SACU website had a potential link but I wasn’t able to access it. Tried a different website but it didn’t narrow the classification down enough to obtain the duty rate of the good. Is anyone in the membership […]


    Question:Our company will ship a raw material from US to a contract manufacturer in France. The raw material would then be processed to a product  and ultimately be shipped back to the US. Is there any possibilities we save duties in this process? Thanks!

  • Korea duty rates

    I researched duty rates for specific products that are made in the USA and shipped from the USA, to be imported into Korea. I used our Management Dynamics tool that gives us this information. I was shocked to see that the “Default Duty Rate” in some cases was lower than the “WTO or MFN rate” […]

  • Duty Rates Q&A 1

    Question: Can you ask the membership if they have found any internet sites that will help determine the duty rates for items exported from the U.S ?

  • Duty Rates Q&A 2

    We’ve come across some invoices we’ve received from an express carrier delivering replacement product we sent to customers DDP. While trying to validate the extremely high vat rates I found some info stating Poland’s standard duty rate is 22% and China’s is 17%. I’m not sure if these materials are dated, but do any of […]

  • Duty Rates Q&A 3

    Question: Does anyone know of a weblink, software, or product that contains lists of HTS, duty and VAT rates for countries around the world?? Our company doesn’t have in house compliance personnel in countries other than the US and Mexico… We’ve been having a tough time trying to find answers to questions concerning import rates […]

  • Duty Rates Q&A 4

    Where can I find the list of tariff numbers that will be impacted by the re-imposition of retaliatory duties (that were suspended Jan 1 2005 after the passing of the Jobs Creation Act) that will now be re-imposed since transitional provisions under the 2004 American Jobs Creation Act were ruled non-compliant because they give tax […]

  • Duty Rates Q&A 5

    I am trying to get an English translation of the HTS for Russia for Chapter 85 products and the associated duty rates for each of the codes. Does anyone know where I can obtain this?

  • Duty Rates Q&A 6

    Are shipments to a U.S. military base overseas subject to the duties/taxes of the host country? I’m interested in any experiences of members in this area whether dealing directly with base personnel or with contractor firms on base. Just for clarification, this is not about mailing cookies to soldiers or using APO addresses. Thanks!