Questions and answers about  Drawback


    QUESTION: Has anyone in the membership withdrawn from claiming drawback  J(1) unused merchandise and refiled as a 1313(c) merchandise not conforming? Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, successfully obtained an amendment to the waiver of prior notice of intent to export (from J1 to 1313c). In other words, a company has been claiming drawback under J(1) […]

  • Drawback HMF

    QUESTION: Can Drawbacks be done for the return of HMF?  What if exported to Canada? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: Good Morning, Yes, drawback is eligible for both HMF and MPF when exporting to Canada and other countries.  However, there are some restrictions on the types of drawback you may claim for exports to Canada due to NAFTA/USMCA […]

  • Filing Drawback in ACE portal

    QUESTION: Can anyone in membership share how one can file Drawback in Ace portal? I do have an Ace portal but not sure where to even start. ================================================================ Answers: I don’t believe you can file Drawback in the ACE portal ================================================================= There is a very complicated answer. However, the short answer this that you probably […]


    QUESTION: My company will be importing parts for a crushing machine from China. US HTS 8474.90.0020.  These parts are subject to the 301 tariffs.  These parts will then be exported to Canada. It looks as if 301 duties can be part of a drawback program, but it also looks like they are subject to the  […]

  • Drawback “Trading”

    QUESTION: A Vendor recently approached us to make a pitch for what they call “drawback trading”.  Their process involves matching two different, unrelated clients based on the industry that they’re in, and acting as a temporary go-between to file drawback claims.  They essentially transfer imported goods from Client A over to themselves as the importer […]


    QUESTION: We would like to know is this true a duty drawback claim is automatically deemed liquidated one year after the date it was filed, CBP may request a one year extension if they have good cause. In fact, CBP may request a maximum of 3 of these extensions. We have a bond set up […]

  • Duty Drawback Penalties

    QUESTION: I am in desperate need for guidance. I am a LCB and the Trade Compliance Manager of a medium size company and have no help. My role was recently transitioned from Legal to Supply Chain and now my new supervisor wants me to do Duty Drawback and he insist that I don’t need help […]


    QUESTION: We are working on our first destruction drawback from filling out CBP Form 7553 with Box 3 checked for Intended Action to destroy the goods.  When filling out Box 8 for Method of Destruction, what is sufficient for destroying metal and wood furniture items?  We were told by our agent filing the claim on […]

  • Drawback Rulings – General versus Specific

    QUESTION: Has anyone evaluated the pros and cons of going down a specific drawback ruling route versus using one of the general drawback rulings? Is there any difference in processing time and payment of claims? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: Depending on the type of general ruling, you may have to match at the part number level. You […]


    QUESTION: We have zone tracked items that were straight cleared by mistake (and duty paid) and moved into the zone by domestic status. Can we do a duty drawback on this? And how would we go about that?  ========== Answers: If you meant to ask about switching these from domestic to zone status and filing a […]

  • Duty Drawback / Europe – Netherlands

    QUESTION: Other than VAT, anyone have any experience with duty drawback out of the Netherlands? We import to a 3PL in NL and re-export to various countries. We do claim refund of VAT, but not tariff. Looking to be pointed in the right direction. %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: https://trade.ec.europa.eu/tradehelp/duty-drawback Have you reviewed this site? %%%%%%%%%% You should […]


    QUESTION: When TFTEA started in 2018 I understand that Drawback Companies were to send a letter called “limited modification” into US Customs Drawback letting everyone at Customs know that the Drawback waivers for their clients would be used for TFTEA that were already approved. I understood this was only for Manufacturing? Is there another new […]