Questions and answers about  Drawback

  • First-time duty drawback

    Question: The company that I work for is starting a duty drawback program.  My question is about the relation of the first-time duty drawback and the one-time waiver of prior notice. It seems to me that when we get approved for the drawback program we can go back (one time) and claim drawback on all […]

  • Duty Drawback

    Question: Company A (existing duty drawback claimant) acquired company B. Company B now has the same EIN, just a different suffix. We, company A are asking how to claim duty drawback for company B, will a new application be required or how do we add company B to our privileges? Answer 1: I believe you […]

  • Duty Drawback

    Question: We are new in duty drawback. Does anyone can advise what would be the initial preparation required when planning and implementing drawback from period of 2018 to present 2023? Answer 1: How new are you?  Have you filed for permission to file DB?  Do you have a provider chosen?  A methodology determined? I would […]

  • Drawback for China Imports to Canada

    Question: I have reviewed several questions and responses in the answer database about claiming drawback for products imported from countries, such as China, Sri Lanka and Vietman, that are subsequently exported to Canada or Mexico, but I am still unclear on why it it more difficult to claim drawback on these products than products exported […]

  • Duty Drawback – Russia

    Question: We have an inquiry from a company that imports from Russia (column 2) and then has exports to Canada and Mexico. I’m wondering if anyone from the group knows if this will be an issue. Answer 1: Much depends on what type of drawback (j1, j2, 1313p, manufacturing, etc.). if it is manufacturing, if […]

  • Duty Drawback – Unsold Product

    Question: Can unsold and returned merchandise from a retail store be used for drawback? Answer 1: Yes, as long as it is exported within three years of importation, and your Drawback program (you must have one) allows for it.

  • Retail Returns- Canadian Duty Drawback

    Question: Good afternoon, Is anyone familiar with any special requirements for Canadian duty drawback (refund of Canadian duties) on unused retail returns?  (Items were never sold to consumer, and pallet of product was never opened by retailer). I’m aware in the US, you can only receive drawback for items imported within the last 12 months […]

  • Duty Drawback Webinar – Training

    Question: HI There Can anyone recommend a US duty drawback training or webinar that I have use to dust off my knowledge in US drawback? Thanks everyone Asked by: Jonathan Torres – tor1026.jos14@gmail.com Answer 1: Expeditors has a free webinar coming up. https://expeditors.zoom.us/webinar/register/3516902938967/WN_9hhd7w_XTVeY7fYhVgtQDg?utm_campaign=2023%20Customer%20Event&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=267919285&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_3YUirt-cPbg2q_AltZPwX-3VagsHo950_mw1MFakDIoHQkopzEfHhUxu6_Ni146ixR0HLb3ZhYwu_kJ3wzDXRItZtyas5iXt4nutEUKswNpmKYw0&utm_content=267919285&utm_source=hs_email#/registration   Answer 2: Expeditors does a good one- their next session is […]

  • Duty Drawback – Returns

    Question: We import parts that are assembled and sold as sets.  On the sets we export, we plan to claim duty drawback. My questions is, at times, one item from the exported set is either incorrect, or defective and returned back to us.  The value is low, always under $2500., so informal entry.  The returns […]

  • Duty Drawback & Routed Exports

    Question: We have seen some comments indicating that companies avoid allowing Routed Transactions when they want to process Duty Drawback.  Is there a regulation that prevents the USPPI from filing Drawback on a Routed Transaction? It seems like the USPPI remains the Exporter (is this term defined?) and the Shipper.  They are just not the […]

  • Drawback

    Question: It is fair to say that if I file a drawback, I basically imported a product where I paid duty, then sold/exported to foreign buyer, thus I can claim a refund of duties paid provided I show proof of export.  However, I came across an unusual event.  A USA company purchased Chinese product, paid […]

  • Liquidated Drawback

    Question: We are an importer and filed a duty drawback claim, CBP form 7553 self-filer.  After about a year, we were notified of a full desk review, which we completed in detail and provided all of the required documentation.  For some reason, our claim was denied, with no explanation.  Someone at CBP told me we […]