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  • Question on Denied Party Screening

    Question: Is there a questionnaire anyone has available for screening customers and suppliers that is available anywhere one could use for manually screening new and potential customers/suppliers?  We currently don’t have a software in place that does this for us and guidance will be much appreciated until we get one set up. Thank you in […]

  • International Trade Administration’s Consolidated Screening List (CSL)

    Question: On the CSL, it seems that if we only enter a “Name” and toggle “Fuzzy Name” to “On” that we will get all potential matches from all “Sources” and all “Countries”.    Have other companies found this to be true?  Is it worth the user taking the time to click on each “source”?  Are […]

  • SPL Question setting

    Question: Currently, we receive data from our screening provider and loaded into our GTS system.    We do import and export for our business.  We have US customers also.  Currently, if the business or individual customer’s name is partially matches, it will go to SPL block to review.  Is this standard?  or Would it be […]

  • US Division of a company on the Entity List

    Question: There is a well known Chinese drone company on the Entity List. There was a ban put on that US gov’t agencies are not to continue using these drones, however, based upon last publications the FBI and DHS continue to use them due to their reliability. These drones obviously have to be maintained/repaired for […]

  • Sanctioned Parties List Screening – On-line sales

    Question: We sell some products via multiple websites. That’s also the place where the payment is taken via Credit Card or PayPal. Afterwards, the order is sent to our fulfillment system where all orders from different websites, marketplaces etc. are collected. We have come up with the following two options: Lean: Implement Sanction Screening in […]

  • Denied party duplicate records in third party software

    Question: What is considered best practices when loading new customer or vendor records into a third party denied party software package?  Currently, we have found about 80,000 duplicate records based on name and country of the customer or vendor.  I am considering a mass deletion of duplicate records based on the same name and country, […]

  • Denied Party List

    Question: How are you recording / documenting that you are checking the Denied party list, before export for each shipment in a paperless situation?  Answer 1: There are a couple of ways to do this.  You may have a solution that does automated ongoing screening of entities/individuals.  If you have all parties to the transaction […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a general screening SOP for Denied Parties/Persons for US Export Transactions they can share =========== Answer: The thing with your question is that yes, there is usually a high level “policy” in your export compliance manual or wherever, saying we will screen, including who and when.  But this is usually high level.  […]

  • Denied party screening and employees

    QUESTION: Looking for measures or recommendations from the ICPA community regarding DPS and employees (existing or soon to be) In some cases, companies perform denied party screening prior to onboarding any new employees and as part of background check. Employment and state laws sometimes require an individual to grant consent before screening takes place and […]

  • SPL Question

    QUESTION: How many sanction party lists do members think our compliance software should scan to stay compliant? Example: 5 lists, 20 or 50. What makes the largest difference whether it’s 5 or 50? Thank you. %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: There’s not enough information below to answer that question.  You should be asking yourself:  What is our export […]

  • Denied Party Screening

    QUESTION: Regarding Denied Party Screening:  is DPS required for both International AND Domestic purchases for E-Commerce and non-E-Commerce items?   ———————- ANSWERS: Not required. No regulation on DPS screening.  But it’s highly recommended. —————————- Denied party screening is not a requirement.  Not doing business with a denied party is the requirement. Who you screen, what you […]


    QUESTION: We are a US based company with facilities in Canada and GB. As the parent company located in the USA, we run DPS on all visitors to our US locations.  Should we be running DPS on visitors to non-US facilities?   Specific references to regulations or rulings to backup answers would be appreciated. ========== […]