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  • CF7501 BOX 36

    QUESTION: What would be the appropriate boxes to check in the following.  An NRI imports into the USA goods that are received by a 3PL warehouse.   At the time of entry the NRI is the owner of the imported goods where no sale has taken place at time of import.   A sale occurs […]


    QUESTION: Because the CF 7501 doesn’t technically exist anymore, what are other brokers doing about signing/not signing this form? The CBP regulations have not been updated to accommodate this change. ========== Answers: We do in house Brokerage and I still sign all of mine ========== Per, the signature is still required but it can […]


    Question:   We are moving a production line and inventory back into the US.   Some of the inventory is steel. Customs is requesting a steel certificate.   This inventory is old and not tracked by lot number.   The odds of finding the correct certificate are slim to none.   What are the risks […]

  • Customs Forms Q&A 1

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a Customs Form 4811? I am told this is the form to complete in order to ensure that all Customs communications relating to our IOR# come to me.

  • Customs Forms Q&A 2

    Question for the group: has anyone seen or heard of a new POA form issued by CBP-CF5291. If so, it is just a re-design based on the name/logo change to CBP/DHS or is there some verbiage that has been changed. Thanks.

  • Customs Forms Q&A 4

    My company has one combined document for the commercial invoice and certificate of origin. For each item on the document, we list the Schedule B number, the country of origin, and the ECCN number. We have recently received comments from forwarders that the UAE and Saudi Arabia require a separate certificate of origin. We have […]

  • Customs Forms Q&A 5

    Should I be concerned the CBP 7501, Entry Summary, my broker’s provides to me is not the redesigned version from April 2005? A few of my brokers provide the form with an ’84 date, and others with the ’01 date. The info is the same, yet the form is not up-to-date.

  • Customs Forms Q&A 6

    A parent company has subsidiaries which are separate legal entities and each subsidiary acts as an importer of record with a separate IRS number. The subsidiaries may or may not be listed on the parent company’s importer customs bond. The Importer “Physical Location Address” on the CBPF 5106 states the physical address of the subsidiary. […]