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  • Broker performance metric

      Question:   Unfortunately our company has not done a very good job at evaluating the performance of our Customs Broker, and we have found in the last few months that they have dropped the ball on many occasion in getting our shipments cleared.  I want to institute a performance metrics of some kind and […]


      Question:   I am working on creating a business process for our sales team, does anyone have a template or an example of a business process they have implemented for their sales team and are willing to share?   The concept is when our sales people are contacted (or our sales group contacts a […]


      Question:   Does anyone have established RACI charts for international trade compliance they wouldn’t mind sharing?   RACI =Responsible, accountable, consult, inform   ===========

  • CBP & BIS Compliance Metrics

      Question: What criteria is CBP reviewing for the 95% compliance requirement other than the following? Is CBP concerned with MID, Related Party and complete entry packets? HTS Duty Valuation Also, what criteria is BIS concerned with for EAR99 products such as foodstuff other than AES filing for over $2,500 value?


      Question:   My company is a large multi-division, Fortune 500 corporation.  Commensurate with the increased governmental scrutiny as far in regards to FCPA, export enforcement, etc., we are training our employees in all aspects of conducting business internationally (import, export, FCPA, etc.) both via completely electronic means (internet) and in-person.  It seems like our […]


      Question: What do other trade compliance professionals use as resources to stay current?  Please include magazine subscriptions, newsletters, websites, forums, webinars, etc.

  • Supply chain training

      Question:   I was tasked to provide global training/workshop for our supply chain and warehouse employees.  Does anyone have ideas, materials, etc. on how to do a one on one workshop for these departments with regard to trade compliance?   ==============

  • Compliance section for code of conduct

      Question: Can anyone recommend a sample or the best text to use for an  Import/ Export Compliance Section for Corporate Code of Conduct? Since the Code of Conduct is companywide, we would think to keep this section to more of an awareness and whom to contact. *********

  • Retaining 3461 by importer

    QUESTION: Does anyone have any recent experience with the issue of whether the physical CF3461 is required to be kept by the importer? The General Information section of Appendix 1 of the Recordkeeping Informed Compliance Publication (January 2005) states, “When a record or information is filed with and retained by CBP, the record is not […]

  • Entry Retrainsmission affect Compliance

    Question:We are an importer and a self filer.  Our current process is that the entryteam files an entry, and the compliance team reviews the entry prior tostatement date to correct any issues.   If an error is found by thecompliance team, clerical or otherwise, the entry summary is retransmitted.  Normally our retransmissions are due to […]