Questions and answers about CCL

  • ECCN 3A611 related controls note 6

    Question: I know for a fact that populated/function specific printed circuit boards (PCBs) for 600 series items (such as 9A610.x) are classified as 3A611.g. BUT I am confused by related control note 6:  “Electronic items “specially designed” for military application that are not controlled in any USML category but are within the scope of another […]


      Question: In working with our different R&D teams they have requested if we can compile a list of key words and/or categories that would raise a flag to them where there is a possibility of export controls. Does anyone in the membership have such a list?  

  • CCL products end use declaration

      Question:   For Commerce controlled products, how long does the trade community renew their end use declarations/BIS-711? Who is the responsible party to sign these declarations – purchaser (sold to), distributor (ship to) or the actual end user who may not be your customer? Just trying to do a little information survey.  

  • CCL Q&A 1

    Have any of the members been given guidance from BIS on how to apply the CCL classifications. In particular, if a item you are classifying can be categorized at a higher level ECCN (meaning it has more restrictive controls such as NS) and also at a lower level, which one prevails? There are not any […]