Questions and answers about C-TPAT

  • CTPAT Portal 3.0

    Question: Hello, Does anyone have a problem with your account not being transferred to the new portal?  I logged in using the same email address as before, but my company account is not listed on the Trade Compliance tab under the Navigation Menu. If this happened to you, how did you get it resolved? I […]

  • Standard Form Response for CTPAT Questions

    Question: We get a few requests from customers asking us to fill out a detailed CTPAT questionnaire.   Every one seems to be a little bit different, but in essence, they are asking the same questions. I am entertaining the idea of putting together a “standard” request based on the questions that I have received in […]

  • US CTPAT portal

    Question: Hi, The CTPAT portal has been unavailable for a while. Does anyone have an idea what is going on? Thanks- Answer 1: CTPAT ver.3.0 is recently live, it looks slightly different and you need to re-register your self again, incl new password and etc. Answer 2: Last summer we were notified by the CTPAT […]

  • CTPAT Business Partner Screening

    Question: We have used a third-party software for our CTPAT Business partner screening for many years.  Since there are more options available now than when we first started, I would like to look into other options.  Can anyone recommend the platform you use for the screening? Answer 1: In the last few years, I’ve used […]

  • Suppliers who refuse to complete CTPAT security surveys

    Question: What do members do with suppliers who flat out refuse to complete CTPAT security questionnaires?  Do you cut them off?  Are there overriding business reasons to continue to use them while you look the other way and hope that CBP doesn’t catch it? Answer 1: Remember that CTPAT is a voluntary program and you […]


    Question: Two questions on CTPAT This Is a follow up to a previous question posted – seems several Importers have dropped out due to increase in CTPAT workload (MSC up to 140 items from old days- ie 2020 of 35-40 criteria to manage) with minimal tangible benefits.  Are any others considering dropping or getting push […]


    Question: I have a question for the CTPAT members.   Are you experiencing USDA inspections, and if so, do they get front of the line treatment, or because it’s USDA it’s not relevant to the CTPAT benefits? Answer 1: We import raw ingredients, finished food products, and food-related processing equipment that falls under FDA jurisdiction. In […]

  • C-TPAT

    Question: Looking for recommendations on any training that I could take to determine what my company would need to do to get C-TPAT certified. We would like to better understand the requirements so we can ensure we are following all requirements before proceeding with any submission/enrollment. Answer 1: Unless you have a large and lucrative […]

  • CTPAT benefits

    Question: When the rail is backed up in LA/LB, do CTPAT members’ containers get first priority for being loaded and moved inland on the rail? Answer 1: I am not aware of the rail or steamship lines taking CTPAT into consideration when prioritizing moves.  Once cleared you get put in line to move. Answer 2: […]

  • Leaving CTPAT

    Question: For those importers that have left CTPAT, please answer the following:  Did you leave willingly or did you lose status with CBP?  Did you experience an delays in clearing shipments?  Please quantify, if possible.  Did you experience an increase in document reviews?  Please quantify, if possible.  Did you experience an increase in intensive exams?  […]

  • Question about CTPAT

    Question: My company is currently not a member of CTPAT.  If we want to join the CTPAT Trade Compliance program, do we first have to be accepted as a tier II or III member of the CTPAT Security program? Answer 1: The first step is to submit an application to the CTPAT program. The application […]

  • Virtual Audit- Carriers certified

    Question: Hello members, We are a Canadian company member of the CTPAT and ( NRI in USA), and I have some general questions and others concerning the virtual audit.  First of all, most of our shipments are by flat bed truck, so no Seal Number, in rare cases we use Dry Van, what is the […]