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  • CBLE October 2022

    Question: Did anyone take the CBLE in Oct 2022 and protest the exam?  If so, have you recieved a repsonse back from CBP? Answer 1: I am now taking a class preparing for this April exam, and was told by the lecturer that CBP is just now looking at protests for the April 2022 exam.


    QUESTION: Curious if anyone had any comments on their experience taking the CBL Exam with the online version of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule vs the hard copy of it. Was the online PDF version a pro or con? **************** Answers: I took the exam in Oct 2020 and it was the first time they offered […]

  • Customs Broker Exam statistics

    QUESTION: CBP’s website provides the 2021 and 2022 broker exam passing rates.  Where can I find other past year pass rates, i.e. April 2009? *************** Answers: April 2009 Pass Rate was 11.4 Per Cent **************** this link goes back to 2019.  Past Customs Broker License Examinations & Answer Keys This link may also be helpful – Guidelines […]


    QUESTION: I reviewed the final answer key to the October 2021 exam and have a couple questions I think would be worth protesting. How do you create a protest?  Is there a way of knowing what others have protested before submitting my own? When will Customs confirm the final answer key including any approved protests? […]


    QUESTION: Question from April 2019 Customs Broker License Exam #47.  What is the total duties and fees payable on the hats? Hats 6505.00.9076 COO – IT Entry Date – 12/27/2018 Duty 20¢/kg + 7.5% DDP Shipment Invoice value = $9000 Weight: 2728 kg Quantity  20 doz 37.50 USD ea. Answer key shows:  2728kg (20.7¢/kg) =567.70 […]

  • October 2019 Customs Broker Exam – Questions To Appeal

    QUESTION: Has anyone analyzed the October 2019 Customs Broker exam for questions that would be worth appealing? ========== Answers: You may want to look at broker courses who offer additional services of preparing appeals regardless of whether you have taken their course. ========== Yes, we have. We have found 17 appealable questions so far. See […]


    QUESTION: I am looking to take the Oct. 2019 customs broker exam and am not sure how to go about preparing for it. 1. Is a prep course necessary? 2. What does a prep course do for this particular exam as opposed to just studying previous exam questions? 3. What strategies are critical to passing […]


    QUESTION: I am taking the exam next week.  I know the October 2017 exam had a lot of computer issues and glitches. For anyone who took the exam in the new format, are there any tips or suggestions? Second, how much space was there for your materials and where did you put them? ========== Answers: A link to a […]

  • Brokers Exam Frequently Tested Areas

    QUESTION: Does anyone in the membership have an updated spreadsheet or information on the most tested areas of the Brokers Exam?  I took the test many years ago, so the information I have is outdated.  A search online and I found something from 2012.  Is there anything more recent that the membership is willing to […]


    QUESTION: Is it correct that the LCB exam will now be taken online ? ========== Answers: It will be electronic, but still at a testing facility. CBP plans, if they haven’t already, to post a practice version of the electronic test to their website prior to the next exam. ========== Click on attached link to […]


    QUESTION: Would it not be advisable or recommended to use the HTS regs and other Customs materials from October 2016 to study for, let’s say the October 2017 or April 2018 Customs broker exam? To reorder the regs and supplementary materials would cost a lot, but I am hesitant in case I am studying outdated […]


    QUESTION: I have a coworker who is wanting to protest questions on the April 2017 broker exam. She is one question away from passing, so she is looking for at least three questions. Has anyone in the membership identified good candidate questions for protest? If yes, please advise which questions are the best candidates. ========== […]