• U.K. Customs Law vs Union Customs Code

    Question: Hello ICPA Network, I have a question that I do not find any proper guidance on. Following the Brexit implementation on 1st January 2021. What is the now applied customs law in the U.K.? I have to draft all the customs compliance documentation and my line manager provided me with the EU law from […]

  • Brexit Impact on UK Imports

    QUESTION: I need some information on how exports from other EU countries, being imported into the UK, will work once Brexit is finalized. Does anyone have a good source of information that I can refer to? I need to understand what the company in the UK has to do to be set up correctly for […]


    QUESTION: We are prepping for BREXIT. Putting in place procedures for paying duty and VAT in the case of exports from an EU country into the UK. Someone from our tax team was giving direction to our UK Ops and Finance teams. Here is the original question with answer: Q: Can you confirm if we […]


    QUESTION: My understanding is that in the event of a hard Brexit that the UK will use the same HS classifications as the current EU classifications for imports into the UK, and for duty rates use the WTO MFN duty rates. Does anyone have any different understanding? ========== Answers: ========== This is correct for the […]

  • Brexit and EORI Numbers

    QUESTION: My company currently holds an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number through the United Kingdom. We use this EORI number to import into the Netherlands as well (our EU hub). In planning for Brexit, I’ve asked our EU tax consultant if we should pursue an EORI number through the Netherlands now; however, they […]

  • Question on Brexit

    QUESTION: I am seeing many seminars coming up Topic:Brexit. I would also like to understand how this would impact if exporting/Importing from/to US/EU to UK? Will UK have different set of tariff to follow? Different duty rates/VAT? =========== Answers: Good question ! If you find out, please can you let us traders in the UK […]