Questiona and answers about Bearings

  • Entering Kits Containing Bearings

    Question:We are looking at the way our kits that contain bearings are entered. Does anyone have any experience entering kits containing bearings that are subject to the anti-dumping duty orders.   In particular, we need to properly classify and declare country of origin for Customs purposes, and also pay AD duties where applicable.  These are […]

  • Bearings Q&A 1

    We import an item that is a housing with two bearings. One of the bearings is from France, and the other is from Italy. Both bearings are manufactured by companies with specific antidumping cases. The housing is made in Austria, and the bearings are incorporated into the bearing in Austria. Our supplier shows Austria as […]

  • Bearings Q&A 2

    Aside from the reference to additional information for shipments of bearings mentioned in 19 CFR 141, does anyone have a checklist or questionnaire for suppliers that they would mind sharing?

  • Bearings Q&A 3

    I am needing some assistance regarding the imports of bearings. Because of the anti-dumping for bearings, we currently supply the country of manufacture as well as an additional form which complies with 19CFR141.89 (Ball or Roller Bearings). Recently, we have experienced clearance delays because we are not providing the NAME of the manufacturer. Can someone […]