Questions and answers about AES

  • Routed shipment AES filing

    Question: In a routed shipment where the FPPI has nominated a forwarder to handle the shipment, can the USPPI choose to complete the AES filing? Our shipping department handles all AES filings but we have a forwarder pushing back demanding they complete the filing. Answer 1: The better question here is why they are “demanding” […]

  • AES//Other charges

    Question: It is my understanding that AES should include the domestic freight, insurance and other charges at the time of shipping. Can someone let me know which are the other charges? Is there a good website that shows this information? Answer 1: There is no website, just the simple definition of “value” in the FTR […]

  • EEI filing/License Exception TSR (EAR Part 740.6)

    Question: Is an AES/EEI filing required when shipping out some TSR eligible software (ECCN 2D002) to a Western European TSR eligible country (signed TSR Certification letter has been obtained prior to export) and shipment is valued under $2500? Another way of asking: Can we use the low value EEI filing exemption when shipping using TSR? […]

  • AES Filing- Ultimate Consignee

    QUESTION: Our company ships to an international bonded warehouse that is managed by a freight forwarder. The Census AES filing guide has many Ultimate Consignee types listed, including “Reseller- a non-government reseller, retailer, wholesaler, distribution center or trading company” Is there any reason why the AES filing cannot be filed using this bonded warehouse as […]


    QUESTION: Are shipping and handling charges included in the value of the goods  for AES export filing? Our company charges our customers shipping and a handling fee and I want to be sure our values are correct for export filing. =========== Answers: Well when you say “shipping” fees, the answer is YES but ONLY the portion of shipping […]


    QUESTION: An Aircraft from a foreign country lands at a US Airport, the aircraft engine needs extensive repairs. After the engine is repaired, the aircraft takes off.   The aircraft is not being sold, it is just the repairs. Should AES be filed? =========== Answers: Was this aircraft imported into the US specifically to be […]


    QUESTION: We are recently experiencing AES rejections where a line unit value is less than $0.50. Can someone direct me to where it states the line value must exceed 0.50?  We manufacture orthodontics braces and there are times when the unit value is less than $0.50.  ************** Answers: The AES System works with whole dollars, […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Is an EEI / AES filing required for shipping metal steel skids back to the origin country. Or as “tools of International traffic” are they considered exempt even if the value exceeds $2500? HTS 7326.90; supposedly there is an exemption code per Census, but wanted to confirm:  FTR […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: I am the USPPI and provided a SLI and commercial documents to a US Forwarder for filing AES. When I requested a copy of the EEI after sailing the Forwarder said it was filed as  *NO EEI REQUIRED SECT. 30.37(A) Sec. which is incorrect as value on SLI […]

  • AES Filing and ITN Numbers

    QUESTION: I have a couple of questions and am unable to determine definitive answers alone. Can you provide insight into the requirements for AES filing of a single HS code containing both Domestic and Foreign country of origin (manufactured) items, where the Domestic value is over $2500, but the Foreign value is less than $2500?  […]

  • AES filing options

    QUESTION: My company is reviewing our current practices for AES Export Declarations.  We are the Exporter and currently pay a provider to file on our behalf. Do any Exporter Members have any experience with developing software to file directly with the government within their own systems?    Or any information on the VAN electronic mailbox and how […]


    QUESTION: We export in bond from our FTZ under the following exemption. I am being questioned if it is valid. Can someone please confirm. Thank you !! AES ITN : NOEEI 30.2(d)(1) Goods shipped under CBP bond through the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands from one foreign country or area to […]