Questions and answers about AES

  • Exports AES Filings Queston

    Question: I need input from the Export experts. My company does a small amount of exports and the process is centralized. Upon checking ACE AES report, I found a few shipments with the AES filed by freight forwarders unknown to me.  I have reached out to inquire about those transactions and haven’t gotten anywhere.  It […]

  • Rejected Export

    Question: We had a shipment rejected after US export because it went to the wrong address.  It is returning on the courier via GN3E5.  Upon return it will be sent out again to the correct address.   Items are EAR99 & NLR. Does the original EEI filing need to be amended to show the wrong address […]

  • USA to Mexico Export Compliance

    Question: Greetings, We regularly export material via truck and rail from U.S. to Mexico. Depending on the situation this could be an inner company move or ship direct to 3rd party. Should it be a 3rd party customer, their US freight forwarder will be used. In this scenario we have no vision of the export […]

  • Export

    Question: The company I work for uses ex-works for export shipments which 99% of the time is routed freight. The scenario is that we deliver goods sold to a foreign party, at a port or named location sometimes a consolidator warehouse and provide the customer or customers forwarder with all the necessary paperwork to submit […]

  • AES Filing

    Question: I have a question for the membership. We are a freight forwarder, an LLC and recently our company purchased a company that is a C-Corp. Their operating system is more robust, so we are moving to their operating system.  Due to financials and payout, and the need to keep the financials separate for the […]

  • Licensed Medical Device AES Filing

    Question: We are in the process of obtaining a BIS license for medical supplies due for Syria as a humanitarian donation. The supplies were donated to us (a US based non-profit) by a European entity. The supplies are actually of US origin and are currently in a 3PL in the Netherlands. Our questions are: Is […]

  • Export to China ITN

    Question: Is there any regulatory requirement, or otherwise, for only the pre-departure ITN to be used on the OBL for China?  If yes, what is the reason why the AESPOST departure can’t be used? Answer 1: It’s an EITHER OR, not BOTH.  You are either on predeparture filing (99% of US exporters) or you are grandfathered […]


    Question: We self-file EEIs for non-routed exports.  We have a forwarder to creates the pre-shipping instructions to the carrier and who monitors to ensure the ocean BLs are correct and finalized.  Instructions were given years ago for the forwarder to enter an AESPOSTXXXXXXXXMMDDYYYY message on the BL in all instances, even when we’ve already filed […]

  • Self Filing

    Question: In a pinch, i.e. holidays and weekends when our broker is not providing off hour service, can a company with a licensed customs broker on staff file their own entries through AES? Answer 1: I believe you would first have to apply for and obtain a permit and a filer code. Answer 2: For […]

  • Filing AES

    Question: Anyone else experiencing China customs pushing back and asking for an SLI and for EEI to be filed regardless of value for any freight importing into China?  We only provide SLI and file EEI when a shipment has a total of $2500 or higher per HTS and/or if the products are controlled.  Not sure […]

  • Export Declarations (AES)

    Question: Company A (US Company) and Company B (Canadian Company) are related.   Company A sells US goods to Company B on Ex Works Terms. Company B sells to Company X in Singapore FOB from Company A’s US warehouse. Company X arranges the freight from Company A’s warehouse to various destinations.   Company X wants to take […]

  • Exporter ability to update EEI filed by Freight Forwarder via AES Direct

    Question: If one no longer has a relationship with a freight forwarder, is there a way in AES Direct for an exporter to update an EEI filing that was filed by that freight forwarder?  If yes does anyone have instructions on how? Note – We are able to run ACE reports for exports and the […]