QUESTION: On antidumping orders, there are often producer-specific rates in addition to the country-wide rate.  More specifically, the AD order may include specific Exporter and Producer relationships that provide specific rates separate from the country-wide rate. For example, an AD case might indicate: Exporter: Acme Bag Company LTD Producer: Acme Manufacturing and Co. Cash Deposit […]

  • AD/CVD Case Search

    QUESTION: I had a question regarding AD/CVD case searches. Previously, when I needed to search for active cases, I would go to the CBP’s AC/CVD search tool (similar to CROSS), accessible at this site – However, I have not been able to access this site as of late. Does anyone know if this tool […]


    QUESTION: Looking for recommendations for ‘How To Successfully import Antidumping product sample via a small parcel courier’.  They normally do clearance under Section 321 Entry Type 86, but Antidumping is not allowed under Type 86.   What process can be followed to ensure a courier declares antidumping import sample valued at $25 as a Formal Entry/Unliquidated […]

  • Anti-Dumping Duty – Followed by Negative ITC Determination

    QUESTION: I would appreciate any input from the members on the following ADD issue.    On April 22, 2020, the Department of Commerce made its’ Preliminary Determination finding that certain glass containers were being,  or were likely to be, sold in the United States at less than fair value.    On April 29, 2020, the notice […]


    QUESTION: Does any of the members know if the US has a ADD list of current cases? I’m trying to determine if “ready cut pipes” (CN origin) has any anti-dumping. Any help will be greatly appreciated ============ Answer: on left hand side of screen under “reference tools” select AD/CVD orders.  An Excel sheet with […]

  • Face Masks- ADD

    QUESTION: Our broker is claiming that face masks formerly under 6307.90.9889, now under 6307.90.9875 effective July 1, 2020 are subject to ADD/CRV because the elastic used as a component of the masks (to hold them to ones face) may be subject to ADD as a narrow woven ribbon. My thought that it is a working […]


    QUESTION: We are a Canadian company that is a division of a US Corporation.  The Directors and Officers of the US Corporation are also our Canadian Directors & Officers.   We are looking at purchasing Engineered Hardwood Flooring (EHF) from a Chinese factory that has a status of “inactive – Final Exclusion” and is not subject […]


    QUESTION: Is there a way to know what commodities are under review for possible ADD/CVD cases? Is there a way for an importer to determine ahead time if there is a need to change supplier(s) due to a product that might be under review for possible ADD/CVD? ************* Answers: When Commerce/ or the International Trade […]


    QUESTION: Can anyone provide a link to the ADD/CVD scope ruling database?  We have a situation where we will be bringing in pocket door kits from China and I am worried they will now fall under A570-117 & C570-118.  However, in reading the “scope” it doesn’t mention anything about other parts and accessories outside of […]


    QUESTION: With the impending cases due to be finalized 09 March, I am curious if one of our learned colleagues would care to weigh in on a couple of questions in regards to importing process modules into the US. 1) Will the necessity of having to “look into” the module and break down the origin […]

  • CBP ADD/CVD Search

    QUESTION: Has anyone noticed that if you search for a certain commodity and ADD/CVD applicability on CBP website, not all pull? For example, searching for residential washing machines only pulls Mexico and Korea but on the ITC site it pulls for China? ========== Answer: I would pull an AD/CVD report from ACE as it seems […]

  • ADD Scope & Circumvention Order

    QUESTION: The company I work for recently imported in material that may be subject to ADD. OVERVIEW: • ADD order is in place for finished items classified under Chapter 85 that are sourced from China. • There is a circumvention order specifically called out to one supplier of these finished items located in Germany. The […]