• Customs Requests for Information and Subsequent Notices of Action Proposed and then Taken

    Question: We have a client with the following scenario.   A non-resident importer of record imported common alloy aluminum sheets from China.  The entries were classified for years at a particular HTS and no AD/CVD was claimed.  CBP issued a Request for Information (CF28) and the importer (a non-resident importer of record) responded to the CF […]

  • Aluminum Extrusions AD/CVD Investigation

    Question: Has anyone done a comparison between the current USITC investigation into aluminum extrusions from China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE and Vietnam versus the existing AD/CVD orders for aluminum extrusions from China? Aside from the additional countries, inclusion of Aluminum Association series 5 items […]

  • AD/CVD

    Question: We are trying to determine if any of the steel tool cabinet pieces below are subject to AD/CVD duty before we begin importing. Country of origin is China In reviewing the scope ruling, we do not believe any fit the scope except possibly the individually boxed drawers. Scope ruling: (2) two or more drawers […]

  • Antidumping preliminary determination Cash Deposit

    Question: Can someone explain the preliminary determination cash deposit rule. Is an increase in one’s surety bond no longer sufficient? Answer 1: The preliminary determination cash deposit rule is a regulation of the United States Department of Commerce (DOC) that requires importers of certain goods to post a cash deposit equal to the preliminary dumping […]

  • HTS excel database

    Question: Is there an excel database of classifications with ADD-CVD cases? Answer 1: One great solution is obtaining access to an ABI solution – the HTS is downloaded nightly and HTS codes are flagged for ‘potential’ ADD/CVD.  Then, you can run a specific ADD/CVD query on the any one or more of the following criteria:  […]

  • Need REF-202 : ADCVD Active Case List Report

    Question: Hi I am looking for the “REF-202 – ADCVD Active Case List Report’. If anyone has the report, can you please share ? Thanks  Answer 1: The REF-202 report is a report that is available through the ACE Secure Data Portal. If you need access to this report, I’d strongly encourage you to get […]

  • Finding and calculating the duties

    Question: Can anyone explain how to calculate ad-cvd duties and provide a link where I can find the current and past rates.  Thank you Answer 1: The answer to your query is not a short and easy one. There are some twists and turns in the process. If you have access to ACE then you […]

  • AD/CVD Disclaim Statement

    Question: My company has been disclaiming AD/CVD for aluminum extrusions with a statement of “part is not imported at a discounted price, and not subsidized by China”.  I do not believe that is a valid disclaim statement as these parts meet the full description of the scope and none of the exclusions provided apply. My […]

  • Question on AD/CVD Scopes & Country of origin

    Question: Hello, New job at a new company – Tons of AD/CVD verifications requests from our broker for parts and accessories for appliances. I want to ensure that nothing is being improperly disclaimed. Question: might be a dumb question, but are scopes of AD/CVD cases country specific? or does it not matter at all of […]

  • AD/CVD Revoked and Terminated

    Question: What is the difference between Revoked and Terminated AD/CVD cases?  Are there any precautions the Importer need to take if a case becomes revoked or terminated? What does it mean for the Importer? Answer 1: CBP has a link on its website on the AD/CVD Page that provides all these definitions ace-terminology-10digit-company-status-20170125.pdf ( In […]

  • Understanding ADD/CVD scope and exempt categories

    Question: Would like to ask you if you know an easy way to read and understand ADD/CVD scope for any country and HTS. Recently I needed to classify a stationary bicycle.  HTS for that bicycle was covered under ADD/CVD case. After reviewing the case I wasn’t sure whether the product is covered by that scope. […]

  • Filed Incorrect Deposit Rate on Antidumping Duty

    Question: I would like to get the membership’s thoughts and input. Our customs broker filed an incorrect deposit rate on ADD entries, about 70% less than it should have been. Unbeknown to us, the rate went up from 3% in 2020 to 73% in 2021. Do we wait until Customs send us the bill for […]