Questiona and answers about 9801


    QUESTION: We manufacture an item here in the United States.  It is “manufactured in the United States of US and foreign Materials”.  Upon export we claimed this as origin US.  This is marked with the previous statement. This is being returned to us for repairs.  What do we claim as origin for the return for […]


    QUESTION: We purchased goods from multiples vendors with different country of origin, shipped to our US distribution center. We are not the importer of record. We moved purchased goods to our Mexico facility for storage. When bringing it back to the US, can we claim 9801? ========== Answers: Yes, as long as the items are […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a process for tracking inventory associated with 9801 claims (ie. linking the original import and then subsequent export and associated documents to the current entry with the 9801 claim)? We are importing Chinese Origin items into the US and paying duty and taxes at time of import. We then export the […]

  • Question on using 9801

    QUESTION: In review of documents required for using 9801 for imports, I found two documents that explain the requirements. The FAQ on CBP website (updated 6-10-19) states that only the CBP Form 311 is required and the Customs bulletin (dated 1-31-17) states other documents are required and the Form 311 is for aircraft parts for […]

  • 9801.00.2000

    QUESTION: We have goods imported to the US from Asia; duties paid. Then we export the goods to Mexico for storage, not advanced or improved. When we re-import the goods from Mexico to the US under 9801.00.2000; the values of the goods is $11,500 (we paid to the Asia vendor) and the warehousing and handling […]


    QUESTION: 9801 Informal vs Formal entries.  19 CFR 10.1 states the manufacturer’s affidavit (MA) and foreign shipper’s declaration (FSD) are only required to be filed for shipments valued over $2,500.  Additionally, for shipments valued over $2,500 the MA must be signed by a president, VP, secretary, or treasurer of the corporation, or may be signed […]

  • 9801 VS 9813

    QUESTION: I have (dutiable) US origin goods entering the USA to be repaired and returned to the foreign country. Can I simply use 9801.00.10 instead of 9813.00.05 TIB? =========== Answer: Yes

  • Component Returns under 9801

    QUESTION: A finished machine is exported from the US. No Drawback is claimed. Within a few months the customer sends a faulty component of the finished machine back to the US. The component could then be repaired and sent back. Or a replacement could be sent to the customer. We understand the various 9801 suffixes […]

  • 9801 claim

    QUESTION: Can we claim 9801 with the part number change?  It is the same part, but just put through testing.  If so, what do we use for back up?  The foreign shippers dec would show part 556, but the certificate of origin from the supplier will show part 555 which is a contradiction. ========== Answers: […]

  • 9801 Foreign Articles Exported and Returned w/o Advance in Value

    QUESTION: Is it possible to re-import items duty free, that are foreign made items purchased from our suppliers – which we exported to a foreign location and now the foreign party wants to return them to us for credit?  We were not the original importer into the U.S.  Can we avoid duty using proof of […]


    QUESTION: When claiming 9801 on goods returning to the US,  a foreign shipper’s declaration is required.   Where in your organization does the responsibility lie in obtaining this declaration,  does it reside in the RMA process?   Is it a contractual requirement outlined in the contract with your customer?   Or does the import personnel […]


    QUESTION: 19 CFR part 10.1 and 10.8 outline the declaration requirements for domestic goods returning or goods returning after repair/alterations. These requirements have always been in place,  however not highly enforced by CBP (in my experience)   CBP in some ports is starting to enforce these requirements for the declarations when using 9801 or 9802. […]