Questiona and answers about 9801

  • Use of 9801.00 Provision and USMCA

    Question: We will be producing, under contract, sizing vests for ballistic carrier fitting, in El Salvador. They are DR-CAFTA qualified goods. One of the options we are considering is the following: Import into the US from EL Salvador Transport for export to our IMMEX operation in Tijuana, MX. Our IMMEX operation will produce non-ballistic (dummy) […]

  • COO as US v. 9801

    Question: Hello ICPA community, My company’s goods, originally from the US and exported to a foreign country, are now returning to the US.  For internal reasons, we lack the export documents needed to import them under tariff number 9801 (US goods returned), so we have not used this provision. I want to propose that, instead […]

  • Blanket Foreign Shippers Declaration

    Question: A client of ours imports under 9801.00.1012 aircraft parts of US origin.  The foreign shippers are the actual airlines returning the goods to the US for repair.  Is it possible to secure a “blanket” foreign shippers declaration from the foreign shippers so that the document does not have to be sent for each and […]

  • Import Entry Exemption

    Question: Hello Member; My warehouse exported a wrong shipment to Argentina.  The shipment did not leave the custody of the carrier, nor was there an entry in Argentina.  Discovery occurred a few days ago and working on return to the USA. I asked our customs broker and did not know how to handle.   I visited […]

  • 9801.00.1012 usage – 3 year export requirement

    Question: Are importers allowed to apply a “fungible goods” concept to using 9801.00.1012 for foreign origin goods exported in the past 3 years? In other words, French widget part #A is exported from the USA constantly.   When I import widget A to the USA for repair, does the “exported in the past 3 years” requirement […]

  • 9801.00.1012 usage – exact item requirement

    Question: Questions on 9801 usage for goods imported to the USA for repair. 1 – if the imported item ends up being beyond repair and you RE-EXPORT a “NEW” one (same part #) is that permissible under the 9801 provision, or should the entry be amended (PSC) to unclaim 9801? 2 – if the imported […]

  • 9801 question

    QUESTION: I’m importing a US origin scope to the USA for calibration, and then export back to the owner in France.  Question:  Does “calibration” fall into “repair, alteration OR THE LIKE” in the context of 9801 10 12?    If not then it would be under 9801 00 10 90 (as the item is classified in […]


    QUESTION: I have a scenario/ question about US Goods returned from Canada. A company exported a US Good they made to their Canadian company 2 years ago for $50. The Canadian company stores the part for the past 2 years and has not done anything with this part other than hold it in their facility. […]


    QUESTION: We manufacture an item here in the United States.  It is “manufactured in the United States of US and foreign Materials”.  Upon export we claimed this as origin US.  This is marked with the previous statement. This is being returned to us for repairs.  What do we claim as origin for the return for […]


    QUESTION: We purchased goods from multiples vendors with different country of origin, shipped to our US distribution center. We are not the importer of record. We moved purchased goods to our Mexico facility for storage. When bringing it back to the US, can we claim 9801? ========== Answers: Yes, as long as the items are […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a process for tracking inventory associated with 9801 claims (ie. linking the original import and then subsequent export and associated documents to the current entry with the 9801 claim)? We are importing Chinese Origin items into the US and paying duty and taxes at time of import. We then export the […]

  • Question on using 9801

    QUESTION: In review of documents required for using 9801 for imports, I found two documents that explain the requirements. The FAQ on CBP website (updated 6-10-19) states that only the CBP Form 311 is required and the Customs bulletin (dated 1-31-17) states other documents are required and the Form 311 is for aircraft parts for […]