• Entry Date -entry Summary Date

    Question: I am seeing variances regarding the 7501’s/3461 provided by my broker, and the dates in the ACE data. Example – Entry Date on 7501 – 8-31, on ACE Data  – 9-1. Entry Summary Date on 7501 – 9-12 – ACE data 9-14. Trying to explain to the bean counters how this affects when duty […]

  • USMCA and Section 301

    Question: CBP has issued rulings that determined that products are eligible for USMCA but also subject to Section 301 duties. Can the membership help in how to prepare the CF7501.   We are having difficulty in identifying just how to report China origin and still claim USMCA.  Thanks. Answer 1: We utilize a maquiladora for repairs […]

  • 7501 Country of Export Definition

    Question: The country of export definition on CF7501 is defined as below: COUNTRY OF EXPORT Record the exporting country utilizing the ISO country code located in Annex B of the HTS. The country of exportation is the country of which the merchandise was last part of the commerce and from which the merchandise was shipped […]

  • CBP ultimate consignee/ right to make entry

    Question: CBP Defines and requires declaration of the “ultimate consignee” at the time of entry.  CBP Directive 3550-079A: The Ultimate Consignee at the time of entry or release is defined as the party in the United States, to whom the overseas shipper sold the imported merchandise. If at the time of entry or release the imported […]

  • US NRIs – right to make entry

    Question: Does a foreign shipper/exporter automatically have the “right to make entry” in the USA as an NRI? Or must it meet the CBP “right to make entry” criteria like any other party (and could potentially be “ruled out”)? Answer 1: Correct.   Importing is not a right; it is a privilege.   Any party wishing to […]

  • can a consignee be US IOR

    Question: Per CBP 3530-002A Right to Make Entry:  only the “importer of record” has the right to make entry. “Importer of Record” is defined as the owner or purchaser of the goods, or when designated by the owner, purchaser, or consignee, a licensed Customs broker. I read this to mean that a CONSIGNEE (US ship […]

  • Known shortage from China prior to arrival

    Question: Our supplier in China was unable to fit the entire purchase order in the container.  Chinese customs already accepted the shipping documents and supplier is unable to revise quantity and value. (over $20 in duty) Can they issue a revised commercial invoice and packing list noting the shortage to the importer to file customs […]

  • Entry: Change Port Before Duties Are Paid

    Question: I understand the port on a 7501 can be changed as long as duties have not yet been paid. I also understand the port cannot be changed as part of a PSC. Can anyone provide the Regulations/ACE reference that states the entry port can be changed if duties have not already been paid? Thank […]

  • Duty

    Question: It has come to our attention that a previous broker filed PSC’s due to exclusions on our product. We were very specific which lines fit the exclusion, yet the broker filed PSC on items that did not fit the exclusion resulting in CBP paying us back more than we should have received. Some of […]

  • Duplicate Entry Numbers?

    Question: Can entry numbers repeat (the same entry number being used by the same broker more than once)? Our team at work is doing an exercise and discovered that the same entry numbers occur more than once within our data set. Wondering if this is an error of some sort, or whether this scenario truly […]

  • Country of Origin UNKNOWN => Identification mark on Import invoices (=identifier)

    Question: On a 7501, have you used Country Code NU for UNKNOWN to import goods from the Germany or the EU on a 7501? ACETIR Appendix C says NU is Niue an actual Country/Territory in the Pacific Ocean, East of Tonga. Aren’t’ the ISO Country Codes Globally recognized? Today one of our German Suppliers emailed […]

  • Re-export into Mexico

    Question: We have a customer who is saying that a copy of the 7501 is required for them to re-export into Mexico from the US.  We have not had this asked of us before and we do a lot of re-export.  Should we be sharing the 7501 with our customer? Answer 1: It sounds like […]