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    Hello. I think there is a growing false belief among certain members of our organization who believe that Customs penalties are only associated with Revenue-Loss errors. I keep telling everyone that there are indeed monetary penalties associated with Negligence and Gross Negligence for Non-Revenue loss errors and have even showed them 19 CFR 162.73. However, […]

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    If an importer discovers an item was packed in a container that was not a company item, but a rather a personal purchase by a VP when he was visiting the supplier, how should US Customs be notified? The item wasn’t properly manifested or marked. It was discovered and opened by the receiving department. The […]

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    Scare List: I have not been able to find a good compendium of 592 violations either…there are plenty of penalty charts, but they don’t reflect how CBP has actually applied the penalty provisions. You can sometimes find specific cases by “googling” Department of Justice press releases or consent decrees but that method is hit or […]